Bronson Positivity

Bronson Positivity

Positivity. It’s more than a saying. It’s the driving force behind our health system. It’s a way of being that keeps us moving forward. It inspires us to be our best selves and to go above and beyond for our patients, for one another, and for our community.

About Bronson Positivity

People in our community deserve the best. That's why we are a national leader in healthcare quality. And why we are so passionate about providing each and every patient and family with the best possible care.

We live Positivity. You’ll see it in the choices we make and the actions we take as individuals and as a system-wide team to meet your needs and advance the health of our communities.

Bronson = highest quality medical outcomes.

Bronson's exceptionally high quality standards enable us to always do what's right for our patients and their families. We are empowered as individuals and as teams to apply our skills and experience to help patients get the care they need, no matter what it takes. We have the determination to learn and improve, and an unwavering commitment to lead the coordination of care in this region so that every patient gets safe, timely and effective treatment. What's more, Bronson facilities, technology and evidence-based processes give us the tools we need to deliver optimal care for every patient, every time.

Bronson = a positive experience.

Warm smiles, big hearts and a passion for excellence are hallmarks of Bronson's culture. We always go the extra mile to make sure that a visit to Bronson is the best it can be. We listen carefully to what our patients are telling us and work collaboratively to focus on what matters most to them. By putting each patient and their family at the center of our work, we demonstrate the dignity and respect we have for each individual we serve. This unwavering commitment to serving others combined with the unique healing environment of our facilities helps make the patient experience at Bronson an exceptional one.

Bronson = a better community.

For more than a century, we have provided the highest quality care to all people, regardless of their ability to pay. Locally owned and governed, Bronson is a good neighbor whose decisions are based on doing the right things today, so we can reinvest in our community and stay strong for the future. Our values and actions are woven into the fabric of southwest and south central Michigan, helping to safeguard its physical, social and economic well-being for generations to come.

Share Your Positivity

Stories of Positivity have the power to change lives. When one person shares his or her experience, it creates a connection with others who are facing a challenge, making a decision, celebrating a milestone, or looking for inspiration. Our Bronson Positivity site contains stories from patients, families, Bronson employees, providers and community members who have chosen to share their Positivity with others. Take a look at their inspiring stories and consider sharing one of your own. The world needs more Positivity, and this is a great way to spread it. To read or submit a story, visit Bronson Positivity.

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