Bronson Methodist Hospital Community Outreach and Benefits

Bronson Methodist Hospital Community Outreach

We know that our value to the community is often measured in lives. Lives touched. Lives saved. Lives improved. That’s why we’re so dedicated to quality and to distributing our resources where they are needed most.

2018 Contributions to Community

Charity Care

(non-reimbursed cost for providing free or discounted care)


Medicaid Subsidized Healthcare Services

(difference between actual costs to deliver care and government reimbursement)



Medicare Subsidized Healthcare Services and Other Government Programs

(difference between actual costs to deliver care and government reimbursement)




Health Professional Education and Training

(actual costs of providing health education and training)



Community Outreach and Leadership

(human, financial and in-kind support to agencies and programs to improve community health status)




Bad Debt

(actual cost of services rendered to non-insured not paying a bill and non-poor insured not paying a co-pay or deductible)






This annual reporting of community benefits conveys our accountability to the people of Kalamazoo County and our dedication to meeting their needs. By improving our processes and reducing costs, we strive to achieve savings that can be reinvested in safe, high quality healthcare services that are accessible to all. Across the Bronson system, contributions to the community amounted to $131,101,150 in 2018.

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