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Guide to Ratings and Reviews

At Bronson, we care about providing an exceptional healthcare experience for every person, every time. To ensure this happens, we ask patients about their experiences while receiving care and, as part of our commitment to transparency, post their feedback about our providers’ in the form of ratings and comments online.

Are Star Ratings and Comments From Actual Patients?

The Press Ganey Patient Satisfaction Survey is used by hospitals and medical practices across the country. Surveys are sent to randomly selected Bronson patients after they have had an appointment with a Bronson physician in an outpatient practice setting. It asks questions about each patient's experience at Bronson including specific questions about their experience with the provider themselves.

The star ratings displayed on each provider's profile are an average of all of their patients' responses to questions from the Press Ganey survey. The comments and star ratings reflect the views and opinions of patients who have completed and returned their surveys. Press Ganey independently compiles the data and forwards it to Bronson to be posted.

Star ratings are calculated based on patient responses to the below provider questions from the Press Ganey survey.

What Questions Are Asked?

The surveys ask patients to evaluate how well their provider communicated, listened, and showed courtesy and respect toward them. Results are used to evaluate patients’ overall perception of care and to identify areas for improvement.

Provider Communication Questions:

  • Did this provider explain things in a way that was easy to understand?
  • Did this provider listen carefully to you?
  • Did this provider give you easy to understand information about these health questions or concerns?
  • Did this provider seem to know the important information about your medical history?
  • Did this provider show respect for what you had to say?
  • Did this provider spend enough time with you?

Overall Rating Question:

  • What number would you rate this provider?

Who Receives the Survey?

The survey is sent to randomly selected Bronson Healthcare patients who saw a provider in an outpatient practice setting within a few days following their appointments. Patients are asked to complete the survey and provide comments regarding specific aspects of care. We use this feedback to improve and enhance the care we offer.

Can anyone complete a survey?

No. Only patients having an outpatient visit with a Bronson provider are eligible to be selected to receive a survey.

Are all comments published?

We share both positive and negative feedback. However, comments may be revised or not published if they contain protected health information (PHI) or language that is libelous or contains profanity.

How is patient information protected?

Patient names and protected health information (PHI) are removed prior to publishing a review.

Why aren’t there ratings and comments for every provider?

Ratings and comments are published only for  physicians in an outpatient setting and primary care advanced practice providers in an outpatient setting. For accuracy, each provider must have a minimum of 30 patient survey responses before his/her ratings appear online.

This is to provide you with as complete a picture as possible about the experiences other patients have had with each provider.

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