Environmental Sustainability
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Environmental Sustainability

At Bronson, we are committed to building a healthier future for all. This includes taking care of the environment.

At Bronson, working towards a healthier community goes beyond providing high-quality, patient- and family-centered healthcare. For more than a decade, we have focused our efforts on improving the overall health of the communities we serve.

From green building designs that promote healing to recycling programs and a commitment to local food sourcing, Bronson is invested in creating environmentally-friendly, sustainable practices to ensure a healthier future for all of southwest and south central Michigan.

Changes, both small and large, have been based on lean process improvements and evidence-based practices. Making these environmentally-friendly changes has led to Bronson Methodist Hospital (BMH) being recognized as one of the 50 Greenest Hospitals in America from Becker’s Hospital Review for three years in a row. Additionally, Bronson Battle Creek (BBC) has received the Energy Star label from the Environmental Protection Agency for successful energy conservation.

Becker's Hospital Review: 50 of the greenest hospitals in America.

The three key areas of environmental commitment we focus on include:

  • Energy conservation and waste reduction
  • Green building design
  • Sustainable food sourcing

Energy Conservation and Waste Reduction

Bronson is continually implementing responsible practices that save energy and reduce unnecessary waste.

At BBC, we have worked to redesign the exhaust stacks they and boiler system. Also, all of the outdoor lighting has been replaced with efficient LED technology. This has helped the hospital decrease energy costs by 75 percent and increase energy efficiency by 22 percent.

In Kalamazoo, BMH has installed car-charging stations for electric cars. The hospital also has a computer power management system to automatically shut computers down when not in use and restart them when users are present. In just one year, the software has saved 341,338 kilowatt hours for a savings of nearly $35,000. This energy savings is equivalent to taking 46 cars off the road.

Additionally, in an effort to reduce our overall environmental footprint, the Bronson system has created programs that promote reducing, reusing and recycling. These programs have helped engage our workforce to become involved in our sustainability journey. Some of the programs implemented include:

  • Water-filling stations so employees can easily refill their own reusable water bottles instead of using disposable cups
  • A Styrofoam recycling program
  • Employee Bike2Work program
  • A recycling drop-off center that includes a place to recycle unused electronics, batteries and more

Green Building Design

Bronson is a community leader in energy and environmental design (LEED). Over the past decade, we have shown this commitment through creating facilities that are sustainable, both in building materials and resource efficiency. In fact, Bronson Methodist Hospital was Kalamazoo’s first LEED-certified healthcare facility! In 2007, the hospital redeveloped the north pavilion to meet green building design standards. Throughout the hospital large windows, live plants and a garden atrium promote a better healing environment.

Sustainable Food Sourcing

In 2008, Bronson Methodist Hospital became the first hospital in Michigan to sign the Healthy Food in Health Care Pledge. This is a commitment to provide fresh, healthy food for patients, family members and employees. The hospital continues to hold a four-star rating from the Healthy Food Hospitals campaign.

Currently, all facilities throughout the Bronson system are working toward a goal of sourcing 60 percent of our food from local sources. We have built partnerships with local farmers, like Carlson Farms, and businesses, like Sarkozy Bakery, to ensure we provide healthy food options and support our local economy.

Learn more about Bronson Battle Creek and Bronson Methodist Hospital's journey's towards creating an environmentally-friendly community.

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