Patient and Family Centered Care

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Patient and Family Centered Care

At Bronson, we have taken patient care to the next level - putting a priority on patient and family centered care.

Some of the ways we do that are:

  • Encouraging families to partner with healthcare providers to deliver care to their loved-ones
  • Giving patients and families a say in hospital policies
  • Asking patients and families to help train hospital staff on how to include families in decisions
  • Patient and Family Advisory Councils

At the heart of patient and family centered care are dignity and respect, information sharing, participation, and collaboration. It is based on the belief that patients, families, and healthcare providers are partners. That means everyone has input into decisions and choices to best meet the needs of the patient. This collaboration helps achieve the best outcomes, improve quality and safety and reduce costs.

Bronson's Patient and Family Advisory Councils give patients and families a voice in decisions that affect patient care and family experiences. The council, which includes patients, families and staff members, shapes and promotes patient and family centered values at Bronson.

Vision, Mission, Values

  • Patient and Family Centered Care