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Water Group Exercise Classes

Water fitness classes is a great option if you’re looking for a low-impact workout that’s gentle on your joints. Whether you are looking for a heart pumping workout – like Aqua Zumba – or a slow-moving class to help increase muscle tone, mobility and range of motion – like Arthritis Nice and Easy – our certified water fitness instructors are here to help you get the most out of your gym time.

  • ABC (Aquatic Body Conditioning): Designed for all fitness levels, this is a low intensity, full body workout with resistance training.
  • Active Arthritis: A notch above the Arthritis Nice & Easy class with moderate intensity. (punch cards permitted)
  • Arthritis Nice & Easy: A low–impact, cardiovascular workout featuring full range–of–motion movements to enhance muscle tone, mobility and flexibility. (punch cards permitted)
  • Aqua 20/20: A workout consisting of 20 minutes cardio and 20 minutes of a different activity using noodles, barbells, etc.
  • Aqua Zumba: A high-energy, low-impact workout that feels more like a pool party than exercise!
  • Aqua Boot Camp: Rev up your metabolism early in the morning with this high intensity deep water workout.
  • Deep Water Fitness: A full body cardiovascular workout in the deep end of the pool.
  • Noon H20 Exercise: The perfect lunch-break workout featuring low/moderate impact cardiovascular exercises.

Water exercise class schedule

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