30-minutes of high-intensity interval training that will have you burning calories hours after your workout is complete.

Are you looking for a workout program that will get your heart pumping and work your entire body? GRIT, a small group training program from the popular Les Mills fitness brand, has come to Bronson Athletic Club.

Quick and effective workouts with proven results
Participants are led through a series of short yet effective workouts by a certified Les Mills instructor. The entire program, which meets twice a week over a six-week period, includes strength training, plyometric and cardio workouts.

  • Strength training to build lean muscle

GRIT strength training workouts incorporate body weight exercises and utilize barbells and weighted plates. Workouts blast all major muscle groups.

  • Plyometric-based exercises to improve athleticism

GRIT plyo workouts are specially designed to help you perform like an athlete. Combining explosive jumping with agility training will have you unleashing fast-twitch muscle fibers so you can move quicker.

  • Cardio exercise for maximum calorie burning

GRIT cardio workouts are designed to blast away calories. With fast-moving body weight exercises, your whole body will be challenged.

For more information, pricing or to register for the next session of GRIT, talk to a member of our service desk at (269) 544-3200 or email Sarah Onderlinde at

  • Man jumping as part of a workout