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Personal and Small Group Training

Why Work With a Personal Trainer at the BAC?
Because your health matters! Watch how you can reach your goals with the help of our nationally certified experts.
Thinking About Small Group Training at the BAC?
Check out the fun, energizing workouts members enjoy when they sign up for small group training at the BAC.

At the BAC, it's all about you!

Our certified experts are here to help you improve your overall health and fitness. Together, you will work to create a plan that incorporates proper exercise and nutrition. Since no two people are exactly the same, we offer the following types of personal training options:

  • One-on-one personal training: Receive personalized workouts and guidance from a trainer.
  • Small group training: Bridging the gap between group exercise (Group-X) classes and personal training, these programs are led by BAC personal trainers and provide a motivating atmosphere for targeted workouts while increasing the amount of individualized attention each participant receives. Class options are available for weight loss, strength training, triathlon training, improved balance, and more.
  • Intro to personal training: For new members or those who haven’t yet worked with a BAC personal trainer, kick start your fitness journey! Receive three 60-minute sessions for nearly 50% off.
  • Mobility Training: Feeling achy or sore? With a personal trainer, you'll work on mobility exercises and stretches that move your muscles, tendons and joints through their entire range of motion. These movements will help your trainer spot the cause of your movement issues, make corrections to your movements and give you exercises to help strengthen your problem areas.

Nationally Certified trainers make reaching your fitness goals easier

At Bronson Athletic Club (BAC), we have a team of nearly 20 certified personal trainers. Many have bachelor’s or master’s degrees in exercise science, and all are certified by nationally accredited organizations. With their diverse backgrounds and special interests, there is a perfect fit waiting for you. Some of the areas our trainers specialize in include:

  • HIIT training
  • Endurance training
  • Mobility/flexibility training stability
  • Outdoor adventure sports
  • Pain reduction
  • Post-rehab exercise
  • Strength training
  • Sports performance training
  • Weight loss or weight management
  • Working with expecting moms
  • Working with individuals ages 50+

Find your BAC personal trainer

To get started with a BAC personal trainer, complete the Personal Training Assessment form. A trainer will call you to schedule an appointment.

Personal Training Assessment

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    Commit to be fit!

    Get the most out of your workouts with our nationally certified personal trainers. For a limited time, discounted training packages are available.

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    New to personal training?

    Sign up for the Intro to Personal Training package. You’ll work with a nationally certified trainer to create an individualized plan that will help you reach your health and fitness goals.

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    Interested in working with a personal trainer?

    All of our trainers are nationally certified to help you reach your fitness goals.

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    Are you ready to get started with a trainer?

    If you haven’t worked with a BAC trainer, complete the personal training assessment.

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“At first, it was about losing weight and looking better, but now it’s about so much more”

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“We laugh and joke while making great progress.”

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“I love small group training with Barb and Meg!”

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