Bronson Battle Creek Hospital Environment Awards

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Bronson Battle Creek Hospital Environment Awards

ENERGY STAR Label (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)
As of December 2019, Bronson Battle Creek is one of 75 healthcare organizations in the United States to receive the Energy Star label for successful energy conservation. With an Energy Score rating of 96/100, the hospital ranks first in the state and eighth in the nation (as of December 31, 2019). 

Michigan Green Healthcare Committee (2014)
Bronson Battle Creek is a member of the Michigan Health & Hospital Association's Michigan Green Healthcare Committee. Its mission is to recognize the interconnection between human health and the environment. Members support and encourage sustainability initiatives that improve human and environmental health and financial performance that strengthen Michigan's healthcare sector.

Healthier Hospitals Initiative (2014)
Bronson Battle Creek is part of the Healthier Hospitals Initiative, a national campaign to implement a completely new approach to improving environmental health and sustainability in the healthcare sector. The goal is for hospitals to improve sustainability in six key areas: engaged leadership, healthier foods, leaner energy, less waste, safer chemicals, and smarter purchasing. Bronson Battle Creek has committed to: engaged leadership, healthier food, and less waste.

Environmental Excellence from Sterilmed (2011)
Bronson Battle Creek is the recipient of the Sterilmed 2011 Environmental Excellence Award for the hospital’s medical device reprocessing recycling program. Sterilmed, a Minnesota-based healthcare cost-containment company and leading re-processor of single-use medical devices, honors top organizations and systems throughout the country. BBC has been recognized as a ‘Best Practice’ facility for its superior accomplishments in reducing environmental impact and improving overall healthcare sustainability through medical device recycling.

Healthy Food Hospitals Campaign - Four Stars (2010-2020)
Bronson Battle Creek is part of the Healthy Food Hospitals campaign, which gives Michigan hospitals the opportunity to model exemplary food service choices and nutritional selections to support the health of all those who walk through their doors. The heightened emphasis and understanding of healthy eating is also designed to inspire such choices by patients and others after they leave the hospital. The initiative encompasses four steps or "stars." The combined implementation of all four stars displays the importance of healthy eating, weight management, and the modeling of healthy food environments. Bronson Battle Creek is on track to achieve all four stars.

Operational Excellence Award from Sodexo (2010)
At the Sodexo Facility Solutions National Conference in San Antonio, Texas, BBC was honored with the Quality Service in a Small Showcase Account, and in Energy Management.

Energy Efficiency Commitment Award from the American Society for Healthcare Design (2008)

Healthy Food in Health Care Pledge (2006-2014)
Bronson Battle Creek signed the Healthy Food in Health Care Pledge, demonstrating commitment to local, nutritious, sustainable food and modeling healthy food practices for patients, staff and visitors.

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