Bronson First(SM)

Bronson makes it easy for physicians to transfer, admit and/or request a consult. One call does it all -- (800) BRONSON or (800) 276-6766. An experienced nurse answers the phone 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.

Regional Transfer, Admit & Consult Center for Bronson Methodist Hospital
Call (800) BRONSON or (800) 276-6766

Three Easy Steps

  1. Call Bronson FirstSM at (800) BRONSON or (800) 276-6766
  2. The MD/NP/PA/RN/DO will be asked for:
    -patient's name and date of birth
    -principal diagnosis
    -pertinent information (i.e. vital signs, lab or EKG results)
    -desired physician or service
    -patient's primary care provider/pediatrician
    -transport requests (ground or air ambulance)
  3. Fax demographic/face sheet with insurance information to (269) 341-8037.

Follow Up Care
Call Bronson FirstSM at (800) BRONSON or (800) 276-6766 for a patient update.

Regional References

STEMI referrals

General Burn Information
Checklist for major burns
Burn depth classification 

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