Children's Burn Victim Fund

This fund was established to assist children who are burn victims. Bronson is committed to providing a continuum of medical, psychological, emotional, and social opportunities to all burn victims, especially those that are children. Often, these services are offered for many years after the initial burn injury and may or may not be associated with follow-up surgeries and on-going rehabilitation.

The fund does not pay hospital bills but does provide for child burn victims and their families to be eligible for special services, healing aids, equipment, educational training and social activities aimed at promoting healthy development. One activity this fund promotes is the participation of Bronson's child burn victims in camping and recreational activities with other statewide child burn victims. This form of psychological/emotional/social activity is done in conformance with hospital expectations for promoting healthy outcomes within the continuum of care for burn victims. These activities may involve family member participation.

This fund may also provide family members, patients and staff with information, knowledge and training related to burns through a variety of activities.

In 2013, money from this fund was used to purchase supplies for burn patients who cannot afford the initial supplies to treat their burns.