Third Party Event Form Request

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Application to Host a Fundraiser

Organizer Responsibilities

As the organizer, we ask that you handle all the logistics and acquire any necessary venue, sponsors, publicity, prizes, entertainment and volunteers that are necessary for a successful fundraiser.

Approval Process

You will find Bronson Health Foundation expectations of the below. A Bronson Health Foundation staff member will review your submission and call you if there are any questions to help revise any areas that are not in compliance with our standards.

Fundraiser Guidelines


According to Michigan law, if you wish to dispense alcohol at your fundraiser, you must hire a licensed alcoholic beverage bartender. All required licenses and/or permits must be obtained by the event organizer. More information can be found at

Disclosing Your Donation

The Bronson Health Foundation asks that you clearly disclose how Bronson Health Foundation benefits from the fundraiser. Additionally, this provides clear intent to all of your guests or attendees.


Donation Type

Sample Language

100% of funds collected will be donated to the Bronson Health Foundation.

“100% of ticket sales/registration fees/purchase price benefits the Bronson Health Foundation”

If all money minus your expenses on the event will be donated to Bronson Health Foundation, state the minimum portion or percentage of the amount charged that will benefit the foundation.

“A minimum of $__ from every ticket sold will benefit the Bronson Health Foundation”
 “Eighty percent of ticket sales will benefit the Bronson Health Foundation”

If a specific dollar amount in the purchase of a product is going to the organization, state the dollar amount.

“For every __ we sell on __./ $100 will go to the Bronson Health Foundation.

Fundraiser Support

The Bronson Health Foundation can help with the following:

  • Answer general planning questions.
  • Provide a letter of authorization to validate the authenticity of the event.
  • Provide tax receipts to donors who make checks payable to the “Bronson Health Foundation.”
  • Promote your event on our website calendar of Third Party Events.
  • Provide you with the Bronson Health Foundation and Bronson Health logo and information about how to properly use them.
  • Acknowledge your event on Bronson Health Foundation’s social media platforms.

The Bronson Health Foundation is the grateful recipient of funds raised by your fundraiser. Please note that we are unable to help with the following:

  • Provide tax receipts to donors who make gifts that are not payable to the Bronson Health Foundation.
  • Provide reimbursement for any of your expenses.
  • Provide contact information and/or mailing lists for corporate sponsors, donors, and supporters for solicitation purposes.
  • Provide volunteers to be at the fundraiser.
  • Sell tickets for your fundraiser.


  • Bronson Health Foundation, Bronson Healthcare, Bronson Children’s Hospital and their respective logos are registered trademarks and cannot legally be reproduced without permission from the Bronson Health Foundation.
  • Please do not use logos found on the Internet.
  • As you are planning, please contact our team for permission and to ensure proper language and logo usage.
  • Please do not use “Bronson Health Foundation, Bronson Healthcare, Bronson Children’s Hospital” in the title of your fundraiser.
  • Please do not alter any of the logos.
  • All promotional materials must be approved by BHF staff contact prior to use if the Bronson name or logo is included.

Proceed Intent

If you would like to designate your donation to a specific fund of the Bronson Health Foundation, please indicate that on the giving form accompanying your donation. If you do not indicate a specific area of Bronson, your donation will be directed to Bronson’s Greatest Needs.


Due to the gaming laws in the State of Michigan, we cannot obtain a raffle license on your behalf. An auction is an available alternative.

Soliciting Donors or Sponsors

The Bronson Health Foundation asks that if you plan to solicit any major business or sports team to consult with your BHF staff contact before soliciting.

Staff Attendance

Due to the amount of requests and to respect the schedules of our staff, we cannot guarantee a staff member or Bronson representative will be able to attend your fundraiser.

Submitting Your Donation

We ask that the planner submits funds to the Bronson Health Foundation within 30 days of the conclusion of their event. If you have received checks from a donor, we ask that those be submitted as soon as possible.