Edward Jones Fundraiser

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Edward Jones Fundraiser

Edward Jones of southwest Michigan (Region 220), has partnered with Bronson Health Foundation to support projects that benefit Bronson Healthcare and enhance the patient experience.

Bronson Health Foundation connects community generosity to current needs at Bronson. We focus on needs that reduce patient costs, provide innovative technology, support impactful programs, and more – all to create positive health outcomes. Projects like this are only made possible through support from donors.

Having a similar footprint as Bronson across southwest Michigan, Edward Jones is going to give back to support their local healthcare system. Over the next three months, Edward Jones will support three different projects to connect their generosity with Bronson.

Stars are the 4 main hospitals

About Bronson:

Bronson Healthcare is the only locally controlled healthcare system in southwest Michigan. Providing services to our community for more than 120 years, Bronson offers comprehensive services to the community through four main hospitals located in Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Paw Paw, and South Haven. They also have hundreds of providers and services throughout the region. Additionally, they are the home of the only children's hospital in the region, Bronson Children’s Hospital, located in Kalamazoo.

Region 220's Special Focused - Needs-Based Projects

Giving Note: You can choose a specific project that you are passionate about by clicking the "Make A Gift" button that is near that project on this page. If you wish to spread your gift amongst all four of the projects, please leave the comment "All Projects" in the comment box when making your gift.

Funded Projects: 2 iPads for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Unit

Bronson Alzheimer’s & Dementia Unit at Bronson Lakeview Hospital is seeing an increase in tech-savvy elderly patients that have a desire for entertainment. Two iPads (with cases) would provide our patients with access to games, puzzles, coloring and the internet. The iPads would also be used during group time to increase engagement with patients when talking about current events or specific topics.

June Project: Look Good/Feel Better

Look Good, Feel Better is a program that provides makeup, skincare, wigs and head covering techniques to help manage appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment at Bronson Cancer Center Battle Creek. Currently, this class is still offered virtually to participants.


  • Creates bonds and builds camaraderie during treatment
  • Improves confidence, morale and ability to cope
  • Gives a sense of control
  • Focus on self-care
  • Strong link between participation in these programs and their rate of recovery.


  • Ratings of anxiety declined by almost 50%.
  • Ratings of happiness and attractiveness doubled among the study group.
  • 70% of participants reported feeling in control after program.

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July Project: Pediatric Vision Screening & Surgery Animals

Patient Interacts with Surgery Animal

Surgery can be scary, especially for a child. Children and parents arrive at the hospital in a state of anxiety. To help start the entire surgical experience off in a positive and uplifting way, every pediatric surgery patient across the system is welcomed by an adorable and cuddly stuffed animal. Our “Surgery Animals” stay with the child through the entire experience; surgery, recovery and all the way home. Many children show up for surgery and do not have a comfort device with them, so providing one is extra special.

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Pediatric Vision Screening

Screening equipment for the 35 pediatric offices Bronson has within our region. This benefits the entire regions communities and kids aren’t getting to the eye Dr.'s early enough, having trouble seeing and thus learning, and other impairments that can be caught much earlier if a basic eye exam can be done at a pediatric office.

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For more information about the projects or Bronson Health Foundation, please call us at (269) 341-8100 or email healthfoundation@bronsonhg.org.

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