Third Party Events

Third Party Events

Please note, Bronson Health Foundation is not currently approving any in-person events as third party fundraisers to best limit the exposure and spread of COVID-19. Thank you for your understanding and your support.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Bronson Health Foundation (BHF), the fundraising arm of the Bronson Healthcare system. We are grateful to be the recipient of donations from fundraising initiatives that are consistent with our mission, vision, and values. The impact of gifts from community fundraisers can be seen and felt through the system, we are grateful for your interest.

When submitting an application, please read through the entire document prior to submitting your event application. It is ideal to submit your application at least 5 weeks prior to the event.



Current Third Party Events and Fundraisers


  • Gun Lake Casino Donation Box Drive
    All of April


  • Gun Lake Casino Donation Box Drive
    All of May


  • Bronson Children's Hospital North Country Trail Hike
    2014 - 2020: Dr. Aaron Lane-Davies, Bronson's Medical Director of Pediatrics and Vice Chief of Staff, will be wrapping up his 1,100-mile journey. Over the past five summers, Dr. Lane-Davies has been hiking the Michigan section of the North Country Trail. He invites you to follow his journey.