Funds and Endowments
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Funds and Endowments

Your generosity helps us go beyond the ordinary and deliver the exceptional healthcare experience that every patient and family deserves. Tax-deductible charitable gifts to our foundation may be directed to one of the following endowments, funds or programs:

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Bronson's Greatest Needs

The Bronson Greatest Need fund provides ongoing support to Bronson Healthcare needs as they emerge. Because these gifts are unrestricted, they give the Foundation flexibility in addressing specific funding priorities as they arise.

Advanced Illness Management Fund

Established in 2016, the purpose of the Bronson Advanced Illness Management (AIM) Fund is to foster and support the comprehensive, high quality care for patients in need of Advanced Illness Management.
This includes but is not limited to:

  • New technologies
  • Education for physicians, staff and community
  • Facilities development
  • Innovative models of care delivery

To learn about Advanced Illness Management services at Bronson, visit the website.

Alzheimer's and Dementia Treatment Fund

Neurobehavioral Health at Bronson LakeView Hospital encompasses a Memory Clinic as well as inpatient and outpatient care for patients. A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, or other memory-related issues, can be difficult to receive and requires a highly specialized team to communicate with patients and their families. A group of clinicians including physicians, nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, dietitians and social workers help patients and families understand treatment options and assist in the coordination of care and community services.

The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Treatment Fund supports Neurobehavioral Health in order to create the best possible experience for patients and families as part of a comprehensive care plan. This includes but is not limited to inpatient and outpatient service delivery, education to advance the understanding of Alzheimer’s and Dementia, facility improvements, coordination of care and new technologies. The Fund also supports research, access to clinical trials, symposiums, and innovation in treatment options.

A Journey Together

When Timothy Mihelich’s mom, Esther, was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, he took her to an appointment with Dr. Nadeem Mirza, medical director for Bronson Neurobehavioral Health. Timothy quickly saw the compassion Dr. Mirza has not just for his patients, but for their caregivers too. “I can see he cares. When I go to appointments with my mom he always asks how I’m doing too,” says Timothy.

Image of Mihelich Family.

As it became evident Esther’s disease was progressing, she spent three weeks at Bronson LakeView Neurobehavioral Health Inpatient Unit for medical and neurological evaluation. The team there not only determines the best treatment for patients, but they also look out for their family members. “We provide unique services to patients and families,” says Dr. Mirza. “The patient is identified as having the disease, yet the whole family suffers from it.” In 2015, the Alzheimer’s and Dementia Fund was created through the Foundation to help enhance resources and education for families like the Mihelichs and to support dementia research.

Eight years after their first meeting, Timothy still brings his mom to see Dr. Mirza for her appointments. He says Dr. Mirza’s concern has never wavered. “I usually don’t want to be around doctors, but I look forward to seeing Dr. Mirza,” says Timothy. “Sometimes as a caregiver of someone with dementia, you can feel all alone. Dr. Mirza understands that.”

Bronson Battle Creek Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Fund

The purpose of the BBC Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Fund is to support the special needs of the Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Departments at Bronson Battle Creek. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Purchase new equipment, replacing and upgrading technology worn from continuous use
  • Patient scholarships and education
  • Patient activities/celebrations

Over the last decade, this fund has been used to purchase an LCD projector, Bariatric NuStepp, Pulse Oximeter, CO Monitor for smoking cessation, arm ergometer and televisions for the cardiopulmonary rehab center.

Memorial gifts to this fund in memory of Gary Hanger have provided a Satellite Radio with monthly subscription for music while patients exercise.

Bronson Battle Creek Diabetes Fund

The BBC Diabetes Fund supports the special needs of the Diabetes Center at Bronson Battle Creek. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Buy new equipment
  • Patient scholarships and education
  • Patient activities/celebrations

Bronson Battle Creek Little Angel Rest Fund

This fund enables Bronson Battle Creek to provide a compassionate experience (and closure) for patients and families suffering from a fetal or newborn death.

The Bronson Battle Creek BirthPlace provides families with mementos of their child such as a plaster mold of their child’s feet, hand and foot prints and lock of hair if possible, as well as a photo, fabric heart, blanket, gown, hat and a ring and bracelet set.

For patients and families who have lost a fetus under 20 weeks gestation, this fund covers cremation, urn and burial, as well as a memorial service that is held once a year each May.

This fund supports nearly 50 families dealing with loss on annual basis.

Bronson Battle Creek Mammogram Fund

This fund helps defray the cost of mammograms for female patients at Bronson Battle Creek who do not have insurance.

Bronson Battle Creek Volunteer Fund

Bronson Battle Creek Volunteers have a mission to enhance the services of Bronson Battle Creek and to assist in better serving our community. They do through a variety of services including staffing the information desks, being patient visitors, providing pet therapy, assisting in the Emergency Department and Cancer Care Center, and cuddling newborns. Their guilds produce handmade quilts, hats, mittens, tray favors and a variety of other items for our patients. The volunteers are also involved a fundraising through our gift shop and popcorn guild, as well as a variety of other fundraisers throughout the year.

Moneys raised through these efforts support their annual major project. The volunteers also raise money through their memorial fund to finance college scholarships for graduating seniors pursuing a career in healthcare.

Learn more about the Volunteer Annual Trees of Love event here.

Click here if you are interested in volunteering at Bronson Battle Creek.

Bronson Commons Fund

Bronson Commons

The purpose of the Bronson Commons Fund is to provide support of Bronson Commons with an emphasis on supporting enhancements and safeguarding the patient experience.

Bronson South Haven Fund

The purpose of The Bronson South Haven Fund is to foster and support comprehensive, high quality care for patients specifically in the Bronson South Haven service area. This includes but is not limited to:

  • New technologies
  • Education for physicians, staff and community
  • Facilities development and capital improvement
  • New Technologies and innovative models of care delivery

Click Here to Make a Gift to Support the Bronson South Haven Fund

Bronson Wellness Center Scholarships

  • Bronson Health Foundation provides $50,000 annually in scholarships for full year and partial year memberships to community members who are unable to afford the membership.

Funded projects and programs in 2018 includes:

Nuclear Medicine Camera

  • The Bronson Health Foundation provided $200,000 toward the purchase of new nuclear medicine camera so patients are able to have the appropriate cardiac imaging completed in South Haven.

Safe Kids Greater South Haven

  • Safe Kids is a community collaborative to reduce death and injury to children in the community by raising community awareness, participating in school and community events, providing education programs, initiating public policy changes, monitoring product safety and distributing safety devices (including but not limited to car seat safety , bicycle safety and water safety). These safety programs provide parents with the resources they need to help prevent childhood injuries.

    Find out all the details in this news release.

We have provided funding for the following in 2017:

Support for the development of the Blue Star Trail Project

  • Bronson Health Foundation provided $15,000 for construction of the Blue Star Trail. The Blue Star Trail project is the construction and development of a paved, 20–mile non-motorized pathway from South Haven to Saugatuck. This project falls in line with Bronson’s Community Health initiatives and responds to concerns learned from the Van Buren Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). The top issues identified from the Van Buren CHNA are obesity, wellness/healthy lifestyle opportunities, social connectivity, and mental health needs. Greater than 50% of responses identified access to safe healthy living spaces as a top need. This was a prominent issue in the focus groups among all demographics. The Blue Star Trail can meet the need for access to safe, accessible recreation spaces for anyone regardless of socioeconomic status and contributes to building a culture of health.

Harmonicas for COPD patients

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a chronic disease that makes breathing difficult. Playing the harmonica can make a difference. It helps improve lung function and develop new muscles by breathing in and out to make the music. There is joy in accomplishing a new task and just having fun. Funding was provided to purchase 200 harmonicas for COPD patients at Bronson South Haven.

Support for community cholesterol screening and sports physicals

Cancer Center - Battle Creek Fund

The purpose of the Cancer Care - Battle Creek Fund is to support the special needs of the Bronson Cancer Care Center - Battle Creek. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Assuring patients have access to needed medications, transportation, nourishment, durable medical equipment etc.
  • Purchase new equipment as well as replacing or upgrading technology
  • Patient and staff education
  • Patient and survivor activities/celebrations
  • Research related support

The former Cancer Care Medication Fund and Cancer Special Needs Fund have been merged into this one, over-arching fund.

To learn more about the Cancer Care Center, click here.

Below is an example of the annual impact of this fund:

Cancer Center - Kalamazoo Fund

The purpose of the Cancer Care - Kalamazoo Fund is to support the special needs of the Cancer Care Center - Kalamazoo. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Assuring patients have access to needed medications, transportation, nourishment, durable medical equipment etc.
  • Purchase new equipment as well as replacing or upgrading technology
  • Patient and staff education
  • Patient and survivor activities/celebrations
  • Research related support

Children's Hospital Fund

Photo of entryway to Bronson Children Hospital.The purpose of the Children’s Hospital Fund is to support Bronson Children’s Hospital by enhancing programs and the environment to ensure an exceptional patient and family experience. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Specially designed programming
  • New technologies
  • Pediatric subspecialties

Donations to this fund provide support for:

Community Health Fund

The Bronson Community Health Fund focuses on the maintenance, protection, and improvement of the health status of population groups and communities. It is a lens through which Bronson views the whole person and ways which the external environment contributes to health outcomes. Specifically, Bronson looks at the social influences of health to understand which evidenced-based initiatives, partnerships, and strategies Bronson can participate in to improve health outcomes for members of our region.

This can include support for the following but is not limited to:

  • Maternal Infant Health
  • Substance Abuse Initiatives
  • Behavioral Health
  • Access to healthcare
  • Addressing health disparities and racial inequities

Employee in Crisis Fund

The Employee in Crisis Fund has been established to assist employees who experience a crisis, which is "a sudden, unplanned event in which the employee has had little or no ability to plan or prepare for" and who have exhausted all other resources.

Examples of these sudden events are fires, natural disasters, accidents, loss of property, and a death in the immediate family.

One of the ways this fund is supported is through Little Help, Big Difference employee giving campaign. By donating to this fund, our employees are giving a helping hand to fellow employees who are facing a difficult situation.

Click here to download the Employee in Crisis application.

Healthy Living and Sustainability Fund

The Bronson Healthy Living and Sustainability Fund was created in recognition of September 9, 2017 which commemorates 20 years of Bronson’s sustainability efforts and contributing to a healthy environment.

The purpose of the Bronson Healthy Living and Sustainability Fund is to support the Bronson Healthy Living and Sustainability Initiative which involves the following:

  • The development of transformational systems and technology around waste and energy reduction.
  • Catalyzing growth of local/regional food sourcing, mobility and housing innovation and other dimensions of physical and environmental well-being.

The philosophy governing this initiative is that personal health can be sustained and improved by an overall healthy environment including a strong economic environment.

Heart and Vascular Fund

The Bronson Heart & Vascular Fund was created in June 2014 through a gift from a Bronson employee wishing to remain anonymous.

The purpose of The Bronson Heart & Vascular Fund is to foster and support the comprehensive, high quality care for patients in need of Heart and Vascular services. This includes but is not limited to:

  • New technologies
  • Education for physicians, staff and community
  • Subspecialty growth & development
  • Facilities development
  • Innovative models of care delivery

To learn about heart and vascular care across the Bronson Healthcare system, visit the website.

Mental Health and Well-being Fund

The Bronson Mental Health and Well-being Fund, serves a purpose to foster and support an individual’s mental, physical, social and emotional well-being for both Bronson patients and Bronson employees. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Employee wellness and resiliency strategies
  • New technologies
  • Education for providers and staff
  • Innovative models of care delivery and evidence-based strategies
  • Facility development to foster well-being

Mothers' Milk Bank Fund

This fund was established in December of 2004 to aid in developing a non-profit human milk bank at Bronson Methodist Hospital. A mother’s own milk is the best food for her baby. When a mother can’t provide breast milk, however, pasteurized milk from healthy donor mothers is the next best thing. Human milk is easier for babies to digest and offers better nutrition than infant formula. Research shows human milk helps sick and premature babies have better outcomes. Premature babies who receive formula feedings have a higher incidence of acquiring Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC), a serious gastrointestinal disorder that is life-threatening.

Bronson opened the Bronson Mothers’ Milk Bank in 2006, to collect, screen, process, store and distribute donated human milk. All milk that comes into the milk bank is pasteurized to kill any bacteria and viruses. Bronson has achieved 100% human milk feedings for all premature babies in the NICU and also distributes milk to other hospitals in need.

This fund may provide financial support for the following types of activities: education, purchase of equipment and related supplies needed to process and store mother's milk; reimbursement of costs associated with these activities, e.g., research expenses, mileage allowances, etc.; and other costs as agreed upon by the Bronson Health Foundation management team.

Bronson Mothers’ Milk Bank is the only Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA) accredited milk bank in the state of Michigan and one of only 23 in the entire United States.

Learn more about Bronson's Mothers' Milk Bank

Mother's Milk Bank Memorial Tree

In 2015, the Bronson Health Foundation hosted more than 100 guests to dedicate the Mother's Milk Bank Memorial Tree. Funded by the Bronson Health Foundation, the tree, made with clay and ceramic, is a stunning art piece designed and created by Kalamazoo artist Conrad Kaufman with beautiful glass leaves, created by local artist, Larry Galdes, engraved with the names of 130 babies who have passed away.

The tree trunk is inscribed with the following; “There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world. This memorial tree honors the precious babies who have died and their mothers who donated breast milk to help other babies live.While these moms grieved their own losses, they selflessly donated their breast milk so that premature and sick babies whose own mothers were unable to provide milk would receive this valuable gift.

The reception allowed families to see the tree in person and honor their baby who passed and the truly generous act of donating their breast milk as they coped with their loss. Terry Morrow, vice president of development & executive director of the Bronson Health Foundation and Cindy Duff, supervisor of the Mother's Milk Bank and Breastfeeding Center, spoke at the event as well as a mother who shared her own personal story of her loss and decision to donate her milk for five months.

Patients in Need Fund

The purpose of the Patients in Need Fund (formerly known as the Good Neighbor Fund) is to provide assistance for out-of-pocket needs that can devastate individuals or families when a medical crisis arises. This may include but is not limited to:

  • transportation to and from appointments or after a hospital stay
  • prescription support
  • medical equipment
  • home health needs such as oxygen, eyeglasses, dentures, and more
  • personal barriers for safe discharge

Support from this fund is made with recommendations from Bronson's Case Management and Medical Social Work team, Patient Relations, and/or Nurse Navigators.

"I had been in tears worrying about it when the social worker called to tell me the glasses would be paid for."
- Rebecca Carr, mom of pediatric patient
Click here to learn more about 14 year old Lexi's story.

Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Fund

The Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Clinic provides highly specialized care to children and young adults with disorders of the blood or cancer. Bronson understands the importance of providing information and education to patients and families about their condition and treatment. This can be a frightening time for children and families and we take extra steps to provide comfort and support. We treat children and young adults for Cancer, Hemophilia and other bleeding disorders, Sickle Cell disease, Blood clotting disorders, and other rare blood disorders.

The Pediatric Hematology/Oncology fund supports the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Clinic with an emphasis on enhancements to and safeguarding the patient experience. This includes but is not limited to programs and activities for patients and families, training and education for Pediatric Hematology/Oncology staff, and new technologies for the clinic.

In 2015 and 2016, the Foundation was able to utilize donor funds to provide the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Clinic with a makeover. This makeover includes new artwork on the walls of the waiting and exam rooms, new exam tables, new furniture in the waiting room, exam rooms, and the group infusion room. Also, new gaming area, arts and crafts area, lighting fixtures and mural in the group infusion room as well as brand new toys for all patients to enjoy. We were also able to provide four iPads for patients to use for distraction and entertainment.

Pharmacy Fund

The Bronson Pharmacy Fund has been created with the purpose of fostering and supporting the comprehensive and high quality service of Bronson’s Pharmacy throughout the healthcare system. This includes but is not limited to education for staff and new technologies.

Rapid Response Fund

The Bronson Health Foundation Rapid Response Fund has been created to support Bronson's immediate response to the fast-moving global spread of COVID-19, the novel Coronavirus. As the local healthcare system in southwest Michigan, Bronson is delivering on its responsibility to prepare for and respond to this growing threat.

The Rapid Response Fund helps Bronson secure resources to address needs like:

  • Equipment required for testing sites
  • Materials and supplies for front-line care teams
  • Technology to facilitate mobile and remote care
  • Childcare support for frontline staff
  • Increased support for Bronson's Employees in Crisis Fund
  • Additional resources for treatment that may arise during this pandemic

Robert S. Doud Arts in Healthcare Fund


Robert S. Doud, retired Vice President for Public Affairs and Development was instrumental throughout his 23 year tenure with Bronson in fostering the arts in the healing environment, including virtually all of the visual arts programming at Bronson.

From the murals in the Children’s Hospital, to the mosaic wall in the North Pavilion, to the two-and three-dimensional pieces on view throughout the facilities, to the annual exhibit of art by Kalamazoo Public School students - Bob has been the driving force behind these works.

Through Bob’s leadership, new works have been commissioned and installed at Bronson, and individual donors have been given the opportunity to celebrate and memorialize loved ones through the provision of original works of art.

The Robert S. Doud Arts in Healthcare Fund will provide a destination for those wishing to support the arts in their many forms within the hospital and its healing environment. Disbursements will be made to help support the continuance of Bob’s work.

Donations to this fund were used to provide artwork for Bronson's Extended Medical Care Unit (EMCU) located on the second floor of Bronson's North Pavilion. Funds were also used to provide a new sculpture on Bronson's North Campus titled "Precious". And lastly, donations to this fund are used to host the annual Kalamazoo Public Schools/Bronson Student Art Exhibit. This exhibit runs annually from March through May and features 80 works of student art, grades K-12, from each Kalamazoo Public School. The exhibit is located on Bronson's South Campus in the hallway between the main entrance and the Emergency Department.

Robert A. Fabi Neurosciences Fund

The Robert A. Fabi, MD, Bronson Neurosciences Fund, a specific purpose fund at the Bronson Health Foundation, has been created through a gift from his son, Alain Fabi, MD in honor of his father’s significant contribution to the field of neurosurgery in our region and nationally.

The purpose of The Robert A. Fabi, MD, Bronson Neurosciences Fund (Fabi Bronson Neuro Fund) is to foster and support world class neurosciences development and innovation at Bronson for patients in the region. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Education for physicians, staff and community
  • New technologies
  • Neuroscience subspecialty development
  • Facilities development
  • New models of care delivery

Bronson ALS Clinic

Bronson Neuroscience Center has opened an Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Clinic at its office located in the medical office pavilion on the south campus of Bronson Methodist Hospital. This multidisciplinary clinic offers comprehensive care, support and education for patients with ALS and their families. This is the only ALS clinic in southwest Michigan.

The Bronson Health Foundation is proud to provide support for Bronson’s ALS clinic led by neuromuscular physician Dustin Nowacek, MD, who also serves as medical director of neuromuscular services and neurodiagnostics at the Bronson Neuroscience Center. Dr. Nowacek is fellowship-trained in neuromuscular science and completed his neurology residency with the University of Michigan Health System and has a special interest in ALS.

About Bronson Neuroscience Center
Bronson is southwest Michigan's preferred hospital for head injury & stroke and for spine & back surgery. It's because our specialists take a new approach: family-focused care that incorporates the latest treatments and procedures.

Bronson Neurosciences: Marta's Story
Kindergarten teacher, Marta Gagie, experienced a sudden and terrible headache that almost took her life. Discover how Bronson Neuroscience Center's team of experts quickly identified and treated her rare brain aneurysm, and watch Marta and her family tell her remarkable story of rescue and recovery.

Safe Kids Greater Kalamazoo County Fund

Safe Kids is a community collaborative program whose primary focus is to reduce death and injury to children in the community for car seat safety, bike safety, and safe sleep by:

  • Raising community awareness
  • Participating in school and community events
  • Providing education programs
  • Initiating public policy changes
  • Monitoring product safety
  • Distributing safety devices

Sexual Assault Services Fund

Sexual Assault Services provides free services to sexual assault victims, their loved ones and the community. All staffing and operating supplies are paid for by grants and community donations.

Free services provided include:

  • 24-hour crisis line – speak with one of our trained crisis workers 24-hours a day/7 days a week.
  • Sexual assault nurse examiners – our nurses provide expert medical exams in a comfortable setting.
  • Counseling services – sexual assault survivors can speak with our clinically trained counselors in an individual, group or family setting.
  • Child Advocacy Center – we offer specialized support to child victims and their families. We also provide a multi-disciplinary response to child sexual abuse.
  • Educational presentations – our specially trained staff offer presentations about our services and the dynamics of sexual assault. Sexual assault prevention programs are available for all age groups.
  • Highly trained staff – all of our staff receive in-depth training and provide the highest quality services.
  • Volunteer program – our volunteer advocates provide 24-hour crisis support and advocacy.

Click here to learn more about Sexual Assault Services.

Trauma and Emergency Services Fund

The purpose of The Bronson Trauma and Emergency Services Fund is to support the comprehensive, high quality care for patients in need of Emergency Medical services. This includes but is not limited to:

  • New technologies
  • Education for nurses, providers, and other clinicians
  • Facilities development
  • Innovative models of care including Pediatric Child Life Specialists

The Bronson Trauma and Emergency Services Fund was created by an anonymous employee donor to honor the men and women who serve as healthcare professionals and provide emergency care to patients in southwest Michigan.

The evolution of emergency medicine in southwest Michigan has numerous milestones including the formation of Southwestern Michigan Emergency Services, P.C., the evolution of EMS as first responders, advancements in Trauma Surgery, establishment of an Emergency Medicine Residency program, and the creation of West Michigan AirCare, to name a few. In 1989, Bronson became verified as a Level I Trauma Center by the American College of Surgeons (ACS). Bronson was the first Level I Trauma Center in southwest Michigan.

Dr. James De Moss is the President of Southwestern Michigan Emergency Services, which provides emergency medical physicians and advanced practice providers throughout Bronson. He is looking forward to seeing how the fund can be used to enhance the already highly-skilled team.

“It could be used for nursing scholarships, to strengthen our support staff or any number of services,” says De Moss. “I’m really happy to see the creation of this fund and what new resources it will bring.”

To hear from Dr. De Moss, watch the video above.

Veterans Fund

The Bronson Veterans Fund, through the Bronson Health Foundation, provides permanent and ongoing recognition to United States Military and Veterans across the Bronson system and in the Bronson communities.

The fund allows us to honor our military and their contributions to our nation, to our community, and to the Bronson Healthcare System. The fund will allow Bronson to create permanent visual displays at all three Bronson hospitals and will support annual recognition across the system on Veterans Day and Memorial Day.

Annually, in honor of Veteran's Day, Bronson employees and volunteers, who are Veterans, are presented with a “Challenge Coin”. Members of the Armed forces have a long history of carrying “challenge coins” to symbolize brotherhood, or being a member of a select unit or group. To many service members, being “coined” is much more symbolic and special than receiving a medal, as they are harder to get and more individualized.


Cancer Treatment Endowment

The purpose of the Cancer Treatment Endowment is to promote enhanced services and treatment at Bronson Methodist Hospital for cancer patients, provide equipment which will assist patients or family care providers, provide respite opportunities, support community-based research, and to support staff education and training.

Cancer patients affiliated with Bronson Methodist Hospital have a continuum of care that includes in-patient oncology services, as well as out-patient treatment provided by the West Michigan Cancer Center. Cancer knows no boundaries as to gender, race or age.

The items listed below were purchased for oncology patients and staff with funds raised during the annual Karl Kucab Memorial Golf Tournament.
Bronson is grateful to Dan Kucab and the entire Kucab family for their continued support of Bronson's Oncology patients.

Post-Op Breast Cancer Comfort Bags: Breast cancer patients undergoing a mastectomy, lumpectomy, or excisional biopsy at Bronson now have a little added comfort after surgery. Each patient receives a Bronson Comfort Bag. A former patient helped develop what content should be included. The pink tote includes medical items to support the patient in days following surgery including a pillow, lint roller, candy, a blanket, an apron or belt to hold drain bulbs, a tumbler, a journal with a pen, and lip balm. Patients also receive an inspirational letter from Crissy, a former patient. Each bag costs approximately $30. The program has expanded to include all breast cancer patients at Bronson Methodist Hospital and Bronson Battle Creek. This program benefits 500 patients annually.

The comfort bags we will provide to our breast cancer surgery patients will give them a few things to help make their recovery easier and we are grateful for the chance to do this.” – Bronson Oncology Nurse Navigator

Drainage bulb holders: Newly purchased in 2015, the JP drain holder holds our mastectomy patients’ drains in place after surgery. Our patients were using safety pins to pin the drain to the inside of their shirt. Some patients have up to four drains, so it’s difficult and quite bulky to pin four separate bulbs to a shirt. The drain holder has alleviated a lot of the frustrations and complications our patients have in dealing with their drains. It allows the drains to always remain secure to the patient’s body while giving them the freedom to remove their clothing as needed. Having to unpin drains frequently can increase the risk of them accidentally getting pulled out. It also protects our patients’ clothing from getting holes due to the safety pins.

Massage Chair
: A hospital grade massage chair has been purchased for use on Bronson’s Inpatient Oncology Unit.

We believe our cancer patients are a very special population with complex needs. We have the opportunity to care for these patients during a very vulnerable time in their lives. Often times we are caring for these patients from the time of diagnosis, therapy, transition to home, or unfortunate death. Research studies have proven that massage therapy can be a nonpharmacological option to promote healing, reduce nausea, & pain. We hope the massage chair will be complementary in easing symptoms and coping with their illness.” –Nurse Manager, Oncology Unit

Educational Resources for Patients and Staff
: Bronson’s Oncology Nurse Navigators chose 20 different books from the American Cancer Society to provide as resources for patients and families as they are coping with any type of cancer diagnosis. They also chose purchased two Colon Cancer models to use for patient education with colon cancer patients and their families.

Finding out that you have cancer is such an overwhelming feeling. As navigators our role is to help our patients along the journey. Being able to provide resources to educate patients about their cancer diagnosis helps them feel that they are not alone.” – Bronson Oncology Nurse Navigator

Christoffersen Family Trauma and Emergency Endowment

35 years ago, Rachel Christoffersen was in a life-threatening automobile accident and received care from Bronson that saved her life. The family has come together to honor their daughter and the Bronson staff by creating the Christoffersen Family Trauma and Emergency Services Endowment. The endowment will allow generous support to projects across the Bronson system.

This support includes but is not limited to:

  • New technologies
  • Purchase and maintenance of new and existing equipment and/or services
  • Education for nurses, physicians and other clinicians
  • Facilities development
  • Innovative models of care

Learn More Here

The DeNooyer Family Patients in Need Endowment

The purpose of The DeNooyer Family Patients in Need Endowment is to provide assistance for out-of-pocket needs that can devastate individuals or families when a medical crisis arises. This may include but is not limited to medical transportation, prescription needs, medical equipment, home health needs, and personal barriers to recovery.

The DeNooyer family cares deeply about the southwest Michigan community.

DeNooyer Family

DeNooyer family 2

Through multiple generations of the DeNooyer family, their goal is to help others and make the greatest possible impact in the lives of Bronson’s patient and families.

Through their spirit of generosity, the Patients in Need Endowment creates a lasting legacy to provide support when needed most.

DiMarino Healing Through Culture Endowment

This fund was created in 2008 in memory of Alfred (Alfredo) T. DiMarino by his wife, Jean DiMarino. Jean, the daughter of Garret and Arline VanHaaften, and Alfredo have been life-long supporters of Bronson Methodist Hospital. Professor DiMarino was with Gonzaga University from 1974 to 2002 and represented that institution at its Florence, Italy, Campus. He also was associated with Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), from 1981 to 2003 at its Bologna, Italy, Campus.

Jean and Alfredo shared an interest in integrating the arts into Bronson’s healing environment. Proceeds are intended to promote a healing environment for both adult and pediatric patients, families and care givers. In recognition of Alfredo’s deeply held appreciation for classical music and his ability to communicate that appreciation to others, this fund will have a primary interest in utilizing the power of music to enhance the individual experience for patients throughout their continuum of care with Bronson. This fund may also be used to utilize other artistic forms in a similar fashion. Expenditures may include purchasing or commissioning music, musical recordings, performed music, music therapy program, devices to play music and/or purchasing artwork that is intended for patients.

Funds from this endowment are used to support Bronson's Pediatric Music Therapy and Art Therapy programs.

Margaret H. Varney Endowment

Mrs. Margaret H. Varney, a graduate of the Bronson School of Nursing and employee of Bronson Methodist Hospital, bequeathed upon her death in 1997, a generous gift with the intent that the Margaret H. Varney Endowment be established to perpetuate the Bronson Health Foundation.

In addition to the Endowment, the Bronson Health Foundation recognizes Margaret's contribution to the health of our community through the Margaret Varney Legacy Society. The society recognizes individual donors who provide a lasting legacy to advance the mission of Bronson Healthcare at any level.

Margaret H. Varney Scholarship Endowment

In 1998, the Margaret H. Varney Scholarship Endowment Fund was established from the Margaret Varney Endowment to honor Edna Gates Wildermuth and Alton F. and Helen E. Weber. This Endowment Fund was established for the purpose of supporting health education programs in the communities serviced by Bronson Healthcare.

Since 2008, money from this endowment provided scholarships to Bronson employee attending Kalamazoo Valley Community College. It also provides scholarships for the KRESA Health Career Scholarship Allied Health Program, Kalamazoo College HOSA, and WMU Bronson School of Nursing Scholarship.

In 2014, a new scholarship opportunity for Bronson nurses was announced. A Nursing Scholarship available for application submission for RN’s in our Bronson Healthcare System. For example, in 2015, we provided five BSN students with $3,000 and three MSN students with $5,000 in scholarships.

To recognize or donate in honor of a nurse, please visit

Nattaly Brown Child Life and Expressive Arts Endowment

Nattaly Brown and her family received life-altering news when she was just four-years-old. She had cancer. The Battle Creek family’s new routine included hospital stays and trips to the Bronson Children’s Hospital Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Clinic. Those visits were made easier thanks to the pediatric specialists, nurses and child life team members who provide physical and emotional comfort along the way. Nattaly passed away at age 7 on Sunday, September 24, 2017 as a courageous, intuitive, sassy, loving, strong, and beautiful little girl. Nattaly’s life was filled with inspiration, hope, bold actions, and above all else a binding love that always left you thankful she was in your life. Click here to read more.

The Nattaly Brown Child Life and Expressive Arts Endowment was created in 2018 with a purpose to support the needs of the Child Life and Expressive Arts programs.

Funding needs for the Child Life and Expressive Arts program include but are not limited to:

  • Staffing needs
  • Supplies including toys, art supplies, and musical instruments
  • Programmatic support including the Journey Beads program
  • Staff and patient education

Child life specialists are pediatric health care professionals who work with children and families in hospitals and other settings to help them cope with the challenges of hospitalization, illness, and disability. They also provide information, support, and guidance to parents, siblings, and other family members. Bronson’s program is designed to help children feel a sense of normalcy during a challenging time.

Expressive Arts includes both Art and Music therapy. Art therapy is a way for a child to express his or her feelings through creativity. These activities can lower stress and pain levels to help improve healing and quality of life. Music therapy addresses the physical, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual needs of a child and family.

Pastoral Care Endowment

The Pastoral Care Endowment supports pastoral education at Bronson, pastoral services, pastoral patient assistance and continuing education for regional clergy.

Bronson’s Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program trains chaplains to be vital members of a multi-disciplinary care team. Chaplains play an important role in healing by helping patients draw on their spirituality. They work with the medical team to ensure spirituality is addressed in the holistic care of patients and families. Bronson is one of few hospitals to have chaplains in the hospital 24/7 where they:

  • Respond to all traumas and life-threatening emergencies
  • Support interdisciplinary teams, patients and visitors on every unit
  • Provide walk-in pastoral counseling for employees
  • Connect patients and families with their religious communities
  • Provide memorial services, weddings, baptisms, funeral arrangements
  • Offer assistance for meals, transportation, prescriptions and community health contacts

Click here to learn more about Bronson's Pastoral Education program

Funds spent from this endowment are used to send chaplains to multiple conferences throughout the year including a Perinatal Bereavement Conference and a Caregiver Conference.

Starbuck Guardianship Endowment

From time to time, patients who receive services from Bronson Methodist Hospital and its affiliates are unable to make informed decisions on their own behalf.

This may arise due to an array of circumstances including but not limited to:

  • Surgeries and procedures for which the patient is not capable of providing consent.
  • Discharge of patient when there is no one to consent to the discharge.
  • Families who are destitute and unable to serve as guardians for their loved ones.

The constant in these situations is the need for guardianship services to ensure that patients receive optimal and timely care. Guardianship provides for the legal authority to make decisions about medical needs and treatment. These guardianship services are increasingly necessary and the need is expected to grow in coming years, particularly as the population matures.

The Starbuck Guardianship Endowment was established in recognition of Mr. Charles E. Starbuck and its purpose is to safeguard guardianship services for those in need.

Steven Michael Hanson Pediatric Specialists Endowment

The Bronson Health Foundation launched the Pediatric Specialists Endowment in 2014 to secure and sustain the future for children’s health in southwest Michigan. The purpose of this endowment is to recruit and sustain pediatric sub-specialists to Bronson Children’s Hospital allowing pediatric patients who need specialized treatment, and their families, to stay close to home while receiving the best possible care right at Bronson.

Steven Michael Hanson was born on July 13, 1983. He served in the Michigan National Guard and went on to earn his MBA. Steven was an avid reader, with a fondness for history. A good writer, he described things with a clarity and attention to detail. This trait also translated to his preference for organization. Steve enjoyed sports, traveling, Comic-Con, movies, theater, video games, motorcycles and was always ready for a new adventure. He loved his family and his dog Jake.

Steven was diagnosed with cancer in 2015. During Steve’s treatment for cancer, he saw children in treatment as well, and that experience made him want to help children who were battling cancer and other illnesses. It was his wish that with his passing, his parents would find a way to help these children.

It is with great love that the Steven Michael Hanson Pediatric Specialists Endowment was created in October of 2019. The support from the Hanson family will go on to support excellent care for children and families in perpetuity.

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