Cancer Treatment Endowment

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Cancer Treatment Endowment

The purpose of the Cancer Treatment Endowment is to promote enhanced services and treatment at Bronson Methodist Hospital for cancer patients, provide equipment which will assist patients or family care providers, provide respite opportunities, support community-based research, and to support staff education and training.

Cancer patients affiliated with Bronson Methodist Hospital have a continuum of care that includes in-patient oncology services, as well as out-patient treatment provided by the West Michigan Cancer Center. Cancer knows no boundaries as to gender, race or age.

The items listed below were purchased for oncology patients and staff with funds raised during the annual Karl Kucab Memorial Golf Tournament.
Bronson is grateful to Dan Kucab and the entire Kucab family for their continued support of Bronson's Oncology patients.

Post-Op Breast Cancer Comfort Bags: Breast cancer patients undergoing a mastectomy, lumpectomy, or excisional biopsy at Bronson now have a little added comfort after surgery. Each patient receives a Bronson Comfort Bag. A former patient helped develop what content should be included. The pink tote includes medical items to support the patient in days following surgery including a pillow, lint roller, candy, a blanket, an apron or belt to hold drain bulbs, a tumbler, a journal with a pen, and lip balm. Patients also receive an inspirational letter from Crissy, a former patient. Each bag costs approximately $30. The program has expanded to include all breast cancer patients at Bronson Methodist Hospital and Bronson Battle Creek. This program benefits 500 patients annually.

The comfort bags we will provide to our breast cancer surgery patients will give them a few things to help make their recovery easier and we are grateful for the chance to do this.” – Bronson Oncology Nurse Navigator

Drainage Bulb Holders: Newly purchased in 2015, the JP drain holder holds our mastectomy patients’ drains in place after surgery. Our patients were using safety pins to pin the drain to the inside of their shirt. Some patients have up to four drains, so it’s difficult and quite bulky to pin four separate bulbs to a shirt. The drain holder has alleviated a lot of the frustrations and complications our patients have in dealing with their drains. It allows the drains to always remain secure to the patient’s body while giving them the freedom to remove their clothing as needed. Having to unpin drains frequently can increase the risk of them accidentally getting pulled out. It also protects our patients’ clothing from getting holes due to the safety pins.

Massage Chair
: A hospital grade massage chair has been purchased for use on Bronson’s Inpatient Oncology Unit.

We believe our cancer patients are a very special population with complex needs. We have the opportunity to care for these patients during a very vulnerable time in their lives. Often times we are caring for these patients from the time of diagnosis, therapy, transition to home, or unfortunate death. Research studies have proven that massage therapy can be a nonpharmacological option to promote healing, reduce nausea, & pain. We hope the massage chair will be complementary in easing symptoms and coping with their illness.” –Nurse Manager, Oncology Unit

Educational Resources for Patients and Staff
: Bronson’s Oncology Nurse Navigators chose 20 different books from the American Cancer Society to provide as resources for patients and families as they are coping with any type of cancer diagnosis. They also chose purchased two Colon Cancer models to use for patient education with colon cancer patients and their families.

Finding out that you have cancer is such an overwhelming feeling. As navigators our role is to help our patients along the journey. Being able to provide resources to educate patients about their cancer diagnosis helps them feel that they are not alone.” – Bronson Oncology Nurse Navigator

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