Children’s Hospital Fund

Children’s Hospital Fund

Photo of entryway to Bronson Children Hospital.The purpose of the Children’s Hospital Fund is to support Bronson Children’s Hospital by enhancing programs and the environment to ensure an exceptional patient and family experience. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Specially designed programming
  • New technologies
  • Pediatric subspecialties

Donations to this fund provide support for:


At the end of 2014, a new mural on the Pediatrics Unit was added as we continue to enhance the environment for our youngest patients. The mural, painted by local artist, Susan Teague, has two sections. One focuses on music and art therapy allowing children to see a variety of ways you can express yourself through music and art. The other section features the South Haven lighthouse during the 4th of July complete with fireworks and it moves into a solar system theme which was the theme recommended by one of our pediatric patients.
Click here to see photos of the newest mural!

Room of Magic

Two very special, young boys, Collin Crandall and Jacob Baird, helped create a room in Bronson Children's Hospital "that when you walk in, you forget you are in the hospital and you forget that you are sick." The idea started when Collin, age 7 at the time, wanted to do something nice to help other children. His first fundraiser was asking family and friends to give money instead of presents for his birthday, raising $500. His friend Jacob joined him to help and the two set a goal of $10,000 for the Children’s Hospital. The boys raised more than $15,000 to create the Room of Magic! This room is used for birthday parties, holidays parties, Santa's Workshop, movie nights, story time, arts & crafts, game nights, Super Bowl parties and so much more!

The Restful Rooms Project

A small campaign, led with the generosity of John and Kay Polzin, provided comfortable sleeper sofas for family members spending the night with pediatric patients, new flat screen televisions, and the commission of whimsical wall paintings aimed to soothe and enchant children undergoing medical procedures.

Bronson Children's Hospital Blooming Artist Gallery: At the entrance to the Pediatrics Unit, you will see our Blooming Artist Gallery featuring artwork made by our pediatric patients with our Pediatric Art Therapist.

Our Pediatric Treatment Rooms received a much needed makeover. Inpatient pediatric patients are taken to a pediatric treatment room any time they need to receive any type of small treatment. See the before and after photos below. Thanks to philanthropic dollars, we were able to transform the room to provide a distracting and safe environment. See the before photos (top) and the after photos (bottom) below.

Bubble Tube Rover

Image of the bubble rover.

Thanks to generous donors, these mesmerizing rovers provide a relaxing distraction for our young patients. 

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NicView Cameras

Image of nicview camera and baby.

A campaign is underway to bring families some piece of mind while they have a child in the NICU. See how the new camera system will work.

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Pediatric and Neonatal Ambulances

Image of transport vehicle.

Children visit Bronson Children’s Hospital from around the region. They need reliable, specially equipped ambulances to get them here.

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Art Therapy

Image of the Shedd family twins.

A visit from an art therapist can help children lower their stress, express themselves and process emotions.

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