DiMarino Healing Through Culture Endowment

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DiMarino Healing Through Culture Endowment

This fund was created in 2008 in memory of Alfred (Alfredo) T. DiMarino by his wife, Jean DiMarino. Jean, the daughter of Garret and Arline VanHaaften, and Alfredo have been life-long supporters of Bronson Methodist Hospital. Professor DiMarino was with Gonzaga University from 1974 to 2002 and represented that institution at its Florence, Italy, Campus. He also was associated with Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), from 1981 to 2003 at its Bologna, Italy, Campus.

Jean and Alfredo shared an interest in integrating the arts into Bronson’s healing environment. Proceeds are intended to promote a healing environment for both adult and pediatric patients, families and care givers.  In recognition of Alfredo’s deeply held appreciation for classical music and his ability to communicate that appreciation to others, this fund will have a primary interest in utilizing the power of music to enhance the individual experience for patients throughout their continuum of care with Bronson.  This fund may also be used to utilize other artistic forms in a similar fashion. Expenditures may include purchasing or commissioning music, musical recordings, performed music, music therapy program, devices to play music and/or purchasing artwork that is intended for patients.

Funds from this endowment are used to support Bronson's Pediatric Music Therapy and Art Therapy programs.

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