Pastoral Care Endowment

Pastoral Care Endowment

The Pastoral Care Endowment supports pastoral education at Bronson, pastoral services, pastoral patient assistance and continuing education for regional clergy.

Bronson’s Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program trains chaplains to be vital members of a multi-disciplinary care team. Chaplains play an important role in healing by helping patients draw on their spirituality. They work with the medical team to ensure spirituality is addressed in the holistic care of patients and families. Bronson is one of few hospitals to have chaplains in the hospital 24/7 where they:

  • Respond to all traumas and life-threatening emergencies
  • Support interdisciplinary teams, patients and visitors on every unit
  • Provide walk-in pastoral counseling for employees
  • Connect patients and families with their religious communities
  • Provide memorial services, weddings, baptisms, funeral arrangements
  • Offer assistance for meals, transportation, prescriptions and community health contacts

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Funds  spent from this endowment are used to send chaplains to multiple conferences throughout the year including a Perinatal Bereavement Conference and a Caregiver Conference.

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