Starbuck Guardianship Endowment

Starbuck Guardianship Endowment

From time to time, patients who receive services from Bronson Methodist Hospital and its affiliates are unable to make informed decisions on their own behalf.

This may arise due to an array of circumstances including but not limited to:

  • Surgeries and procedures for which the patient is not capable of providing consent.
  • Discharge of patient when there is no one to consent to the discharge.
  • Families who are destitute and unable to serve as guardians for their loved ones.

The constant in these situations is the need for guardianship services to ensure that patients receive optimal and timely care. Guardianship provides for the legal authority to make decisions about medical needs and treatment. These guardianship services are increasingly necessary and the need is expected to grow in coming years, particularly as the population matures.

The Starbuck Guardianship Endowment was established in recognition of Mr. Charles E. Starbuck and its purpose is to safeguard guardianship services for those in need.

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