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Donor Impact at Bronson Children's Hospital

Bronson Health Foundation is committed to supporting initiatives that impact our youngest patients. There are countless projects that have been funded over the years but here are some highlights:

NICU Giraffe Shuttles

The Bronson Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) recently received two Giraffe Shuttles. Premature newborns need a warm, stable thermal environment. When they need to be transported from the labor room to the NICU, the Giraffe Shuttle makes the journey safer by providing thermoregulation and reduce risks associated with hospital transport. That's because all of the equipment needed for our care teams is incorporated into the shuttle.
This innovative and life-enhancing equipment was made possible by funds generously provided by Gale and Anne Stephens and the Brave Beginnings Grant Program.
A special thanks to the following donors who made this possible:
Anne and Gale Stephens
The Brave Beginnings Grant Program

Camp Bronson - Renovations at Bronson Children's Hospital Playroom

Thanks to the generosity of donors, the newly renovated playroom at Bronson Children’s Hospital is ready to bring the outdoors in for patients and families, giving them a one-of-a kind experience.

The playroom was remodeled to make better use of the space which now includes more natural light and a Michigan camping theme. “Camp Bronson” includes a camper or “Camp-ulance” for kids to play in, a campfire scene with toadstools, a tent, and several real trees that have been preserved to make the setting come to life under a canopy of painted leaves.

The space is designed so each age group – from babies to toddlers to teens – will have something to keep them occupied and give them time away from their rooms. There are even outlets which can be pulled down from the ceiling so medical equipment that needs to be plugged in doesn’t interfere with patients moving around the camp.

“There is something special that happens when you take a patient out of their hospital room and bring them into a child-friendly environment like our new playroom,” says Wendy Kellogg, child life specialist. “It’s truly an immersive experience. When children and families enter the room we often hear ‘Wow! Check this place out!’ Then the real magic happens and they get to be a child.”

The opening of the playroom was delayed due to COVID-19. Now, an appointment system has been established so families can set a time to safely visit the room, and staff can fully clean between patient visits.

“It is a delight to see the playroom in use and to know these children have a place to go while in the hospital where they can just have fun,” says Liz Semaan, executive director of Bronson Health Foundation. “This is truly a community sponsored space, and it shows what a big heart our donors have by coming together to make sure children who are in the hospital are cared for beyond their medical needs. It’s all part of the healing process.”

A special thanks to the following donors who made this possible:
Carlson Farms & Friends
CSM Group
Grace and John T. Harrington Foundation
Lynn L. Lonze
Omni Community Credit Union
Sharp Smile Center
Suzanne Upjohn DeLano Parish Foundation
Bronson Children’s Hospital 5K Run & Walk Participants

Journey Beads Program

The Bronson Children’s Hospital Journey Beads help young patients honor their hematology/oncology, burn, and Cystic Fibrosis treatment experience with tokens that symbolize each significant milestone along the way. At the start of their care, each patient is presented with a length of leather personalized with their name spelled out in glass beads. They are rewarded at each treatment point with a one-of-a-kind glass Journey Bead that celebrates their progress and gives them strength and hope.

Learn more here.

Child Life


Child Life Specialists are there to make every visit to Bronson a worry-free visit. Child Life Specialists help by providing emotional, psychological, and social support. They educate the child and their families about procedures, surgeries and hospital routines in a age-appropriate and honest way. Additionally, they provide opportunities for play through crafts and activities.

Learn more here.

Art Therapists

Art therapist with patient

Art therapy is a way for a child to express his or her feelings through creativity. These activities can lower stress and pain levels to help improve healing and quality of life. Art therapists are part of the child's treatment team that works to create a personalized session suited specifically to the child's needs.

Learn more here.

Music Therapists

Music therapists make a child's environment as normal as possible by masking hospital noises to help ease their fears and worries. Music therapy reduces stress and anxiety, relieves pain and increases relaxation, and improves communication. For new parents and babies, it supports the sensory development and improves cognitive, motor and language skills.

Learn more here.

Art and Murals

Art and murals play a vital role in creating a calm and peaceful environment throughout the Bronson system and Bronson Children's Hospital. Input from patients and and families has helped local artists create this comfortable environment. 

NICU Parent Book

The NICU Parent Book provides valuable information that walks new parents through their NICU journey. It provides suggestions for ways that parents can take care of their baby while they are in the NICU and gives them the tools for what to expect after being discharged from Bronson.

Bubble Rovers

image of kristy and bubble rover.The relaxation mirrored bubble tube rover provides multiple sensory options to help distract children by providing them with something calming and interesting to focus on. These options include a projector on top of the machine with hundreds of slide show images to choose from, soothing music, bubbles, and fiber optics. 

The rover is a great asset for surgical pediatric patients to ease them from their anesthesia or sedation. It is also an asset for our pediatric special needs patients as well as for our pediatric patients in Outpatient Testing, Rehab and the Emergency Department.

Pediatric Playroom

Camp Bronson is a place in Bronson Children's Hospital where a child can play, dream and explore. With the fun camp theme, it allows a child to have a comforting distraction from the hospital setting. 

Surgery Animals

Surgery animals are provided to every child who undergoes a surgery at Bronson. These fluffy friends comfort children before and after their treatment. They are also a fun distraction from all the happenings of the hospital. When they are discharged, their new friend goes home with them.

NicView Cameras

Each year at Bronson, over 700 babies begin their life in the Bronson Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. This can be a stressful and unexpected time for new parents and family members. NicView cameras are installed on every isolette in the NICU and allow anyone with login credentials to tune in to see their little one from anywhere in the world.

Vein Visualization Device

In an effort to reduce the amount of invasive procedures that babies in the Bronson Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, donors saw the effort to utilize philanthropic efforts to support a Vein Visualization Device. This device assists staff with finding the best veins for IV starts and blood draws. Also known as vein mapping, this technology creates a real-time visual “map” of the veins on the surface of the skin. Cammy Fraaza, Bronson’s Manager of Nursing, NICU shares that “the portable ultrasound machine for the NICU has been a tremendous tool for the staff in minimizing needle pokes. This ultrasound machine has also proven to be useful for our Pediatric Surgeons.” Thank you to the following donors for their generous support:

  • Dorothy U. Dalton Foundation
  • Ben and Robin Ipema
  • Miller Johnson Attorneys
  • Kenneth and Susan Taft
  • Logan and Josh Thomas Family Fund
  • Kevin and Sherry VanDam

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