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Bronson Health Foundation Awarded $50,000 Grant

Dr. Chetan Vyas and Dr. Lia Gaggino
(Photo taken 3.11.2020)

Bronson Health Foundation is proud to share that Children's Foundation of Michigan has awarded $50,000 of funding to supporting the work of Dr. Lia Gaggino and Dr. Chetan Vyas. 

As a pediatrician and director of Bronson Behavioral Health, Dr. Lia Gaggino knew there was a growing number of children struggling with mental health issues, but few resources to help. She pulled together a group of psychiatrists in the community. Dr. Chetan Vyas was one of those who attended the meetings. Afterwards, he called Dr. Gaggino and asked the simple questions, "How can I help?"

The pair came up with a plan that would be most efficient and effective. Through funding from the Bronson Health Foundation, Dr. Vyas now spends one day a week as a consultant to Bronson's pediatricians. When physicians have difficult cases, they can discuss their concerns with Dr. Vyas and he provides guidance on treatment and medication. "In an ideal world," explains Dr. Vyas, "there would be a child psychiatrist who could see each patient, but because there is such a shortage of child psychiatrists nationwide, children often get discharged from a hospital and sent to a general pediatrician instead."

"We need help from people like Dr. Vyas who are experts in psychiatry and psychiatric medications," says Dr. Gaggino. "While we often manage mild to moderate mental health issues, we have some children with more serious concerns. It's in those situations he can really help direct us to proper treatment. Having his support means we are able to make better choices for our patients."

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