Mattawan Student Service Project
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Mattawan Student's Service Project Raises $2,045 for Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Clinic

Abby Johnson's summer showcase was held on Sunday, July 14 and raised $2,045 for Bronson's Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Clinic! 

Abby's mother, Angela works at Bronson as a System Manager in the Phlebotomy Lab, and has instilled a sense of service for others in Abby since she was young. Abby is a student at Mattawan High School and was tasked with planning a service project through a leadership course at school. Abby created a roadmap that would combine her passions of helping others and dance, to direct and dance in a summer showcase. 

She met with Mattawan's Superintendent to have the theater space donated for the show, casted, trained and directed talent, marketed the event, and sold tickets! As a high school student, this was quite the undertaking and her passion to someday be a pediatric oncologist fueled her energy to make it all come together successfully. We are immensely grateful for Abby's passion, determination, and care to support our young patients through this endeavor.

Angela and Abby Johnson

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