Ward Family Story

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Ward Family Story

In December of 2019, the Ward Family received news that their daughter had double pneumonia and would be spending their holiday season at Bronson Children's Hospital. During the week of Christmas, they were amazed by the Holiday Toy Workshop - a place where guardians of a pediatric patient can select a toy to give to their child. This is all made possible by the generosity of our communities and a little magic from our Child Life Specialists.

Here is what Dakota's father, Andy, shared about their experience:

"When I went to the Holiday Toy Workshop to select a toy for Dakota, I was anticipating it would be some sort of arts and crafts to create something simple. But when I walked in I was simply blown away by the number of toys and how much we were able to select (my daughter still has the stuffed dog that we named Bronson, and the handmade blankets, amongst other things). I am not one prone to crying, but that moment did it. It was at that moment that I made a personal commitment that I would make an annual donation to Bronson Children’s Hospital, of some type, every year for the rest of my life. It will become a family tradition that I hope my daughter will also pick up when she is older. That simple moment meant that much to me, and I am sure that it has impacted others in the same way. That simple act of kindness that I experienced is something that will stay with me forever."

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