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Bronson Health Foundation Employee in Crisis Fund

Bronson Health Foundation is committed to assisting employees who experience a crisis, in which the employee has had little or no ability to plan or prepare for and who have exhausted all other resources. Examples of these sudden events are fires, natural disasters, accidents, loss of property, and a death in the immediate family.

Impact Stories


Theresa moved back to Michigan last fall, and got a job at a Bronson lab. But, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, work slowed down and she was among those to be furloughed. Because Theresa had been living in another State recently, she hit a snag in getting unemployment. She decided to ask for help from the Employee in Crisis Fund as she started to get behind on her bills.

"I am so happy and blessed that Bronson has a program like this for their employees, it truly shows that they care about their employees. They are like family, so I urge anyone that wants to make a donation, or to an employee that needs help, don't be afraid to ask for help, don't be prideful because sometimes we all need some help from time to time and Bronson truly does care about their employees. So again I thank the Bronson Health Foundation (EIC) for what you have done for me, you have truly blessed me and I am forever grateful."

Cindy Adams

Cindy Adams, an EVS associate, faced a crisis last winter when her furnace went out and could not be repaired. With her husband at home with stage 4 cancer, Cindy sought out support from the Employee in Crisis Fund to help buy a new furnace.

"It was hard to ask for help, but I knew with my husband being sick, I couldn't just tough it out. I felt overwhelmed that they gave it to me. I'm so thankful for what the Bronson Health Foundation could do for me as an employee. It's so reassuring to know they are there when you need it."


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