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Patients in Need Impact

The purpose of the Patients in Need Fund is to provide assistance for out-of-pocket needs that can devastate individuals or families when a medical crisis arises. This may include but is not limited to:

  • transportation to and from appointments or after a hospital stay
  • prescription support
  • medical equipment
  • home health needs such as oxygen, eyeglasses, dentures, and more
  • personal barriers for safe discharge

Support from this fund is made with recommendations from Bronson's Case Management and Medical Social Work team, Patient Relations, and/or Nurse Navigators.

Impact Story

(Left to Right) Lexi and mom, Rebecca

As Lexi Carr-Winkler grew up, her mom started noticing her daughter was struggling in school. “She was having problems with reading and math comprehension,” says Rebecca Carr. “When she was writing, she sometimes transposed numbers.”

After extensive testing, Lexi was diagnosed with neurological deficits which cause a cognitive delay in processing. Doctors explained that one of the treatments to help 14-year-old Lexi would be vision therapy using specialized glasses. “We had just purchased regular glasses six months earlier,” says Rebecca, “so I wasn’t sure how I would pay another $700 for therapy glasses.”

A social worker at Bronson Family Medicine – Vicksburg turned to the Bronson Health Foundation, asking for help from the Patients in Need Fund. “I had been in tears. It’s the beginning of my daughter’s healing and getting her on the right track. Lexi says things are finally starting to come together. In a short amount of time, she’s noticed a difference.”

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