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Karl Kucab Memorial Golf Outing

8th Annual Karl Kucab Memorial Golf Outing

The 8th Annual Karl Kucab Memorial Golf Outing was held on Monday, July 30, 2018. Thank you to the Kucab family for their continued support and hard work! This year (2018) they raised $19,404 to support cancer treatment programs and services for patients at Bronson!

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A special thank you to our 2018 Presenting Sponsors:

Learn more about the Cancer Treatment Endowment

Read a letter from Dan Kucab

2012 M-Live article on Karl Kucab and the memorial golf outing

This event is inspired by the love of a son for his dad. When Dan Kucab lost his father, Karl, to pancreatic cancer in 2010, he helped organize the outing to support cancer treatment services and honor Karl’s memory.

All funds raised through the event support the Bronson Health Foundation’s Cancer Treatment Endowment. The Endowment promotes enhanced services and treatment for cancer patients, provides respite opportunities, equipment for patients or family care providers, and supports community-based research. Over the past 7 years, this golf outing has raised nearly $90,000 to support cancer patients! Some specific projects include:

Transportation needs: We continue to use funding to assist patients with their transportation needs to and from medical appointments for their cancer treatment.

Drainage bulbs: Newly purchased in 2015, the JP drain holder holds our mastectomy patients’ drains in place after surgery. Our patients were using safety pins to pin the drain to the inside of their shirt. Some patients have up to 4 drains, so it’s difficult and quite bulky to pin 4 separate bulbs to their shirt. The drain holder has alleviated a lot of the frustrations and complications our patients have in dealing with their drains. It allows the drains to always remain secure to the patient’s body while giving them the freedom to remove their clothing as needed. Having to unpin drains frequently can increase the risk of them accidentally getting pulled out. It also protects our patients’ clothing from getting holes due to the safety pins. This has increased our mastectomy patients comfort after surgery and their overall satisfaction.

Post-Op Breast Cancer Comfort Bags: Breast cancer patients undergoing a mastectomy, lumpectomy, or excisional biopsy at Bronson now have a little added comfort upon discharge. Each patient receives a Bronson Comfort Bag after surgery. The pink tote includes medical items to support the patient in days following surgery, a pillow, lint roller, candy, a blanket, an apron or belt to hold drain bulbs, a tumbler, a journal with a pen, and lip balm. Working with a former patient to identify the items that would work best, Chrissy provides an inspirational letter in each tote to share her personal story. Each bag costs approximately $30. The program has expanded to include all breast cancer patients at Bronson Methodist Hospital and Bronson Battle Creek. This program benefits 500 patients annually.

Educational Resources for Patients and Staff: Books from the American Cancer Society to provide as resources for patients and families as they are coping with any type of cancer diagnosis.

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