Donor Story - Collin Crandall & Jacob Baird

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Donor Story - Collin Crandall & Jacob Baird

Never underestimate the power of a dream. The Room of Magic is such a place – a dream come true. It is the direct result of the vision and generosity of many people, most notably, two remarkable boys who inspired us all. To all those who made this room possible, we extend our heartfelt thanks and dedicate this special place of healing.

Collin Crandall and Jacob Baird of Vicksburg are unstoppable when it comes to Bronson Children’s Hospital's Room of Magic — a project the boys raised money to support over three years beginning in 2008. The idea started when Collin, age 7 at the time, wanted to do something nice to help other children. His first fundraiser was asking family and friends to give money instead of presents for his birthday, raising $500. His friend Jacob joined him to help and the two set a goal of $10,000 for the Children’s Hospital. That goal was met in August 2010 after several fundraising events. Yet, the boys continued to fundraise and raised more than $15,000 to create the Room of Magic.

The Room of Magic, located on the 3rd floor in the Pediatrics unit at Bronson Methodist Hospital was designed, in part by Collin and Jacob, to create a space "that when you walk in, you forget you are in the hospital and you forget that you are sick." This room, which opened in the Fall of 2011, is equipped with murals, soft flooring for wheelchair accommodation, adjustable lighting, bean bags, benches and movable chairs, audio visual equipment, and more. It is used for birthday parties, holidays parties, Santa's Workshop, movie nights, story time, arts & crafts, game nights, Super Bowl parties and so much more!

We continue to be inspired by Collin and Jacob and their generosity. The impact they made at such a young age continues to resonate each day through our patients and families as their faces light up when they enter the room.

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