Donor Story - CSM Group
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Donor Story - CSM Group

CSM Group is a construction management firm in Kalamazoo with national experience managing both large and small projects. The company has been a valued supporter of the Bronson Health Foundation through donations to extraordinary projects such as the Bronson Neonatal Intensive Care Unit that opened in 2007. CSM has been a sponsor for the Bronson Children's Hospital Run & Walk since 2013 and their team raised the most funds for the 2015 event! They have also donated their expertise in the creation of a Comfort Suite at Bronson Cancer Center - Battle Creek.

Steve East, CEO, states "At CSM we strongly believe that a healthy community provides critical foundational support for all socioeconomic advances. We also believe that everything from macro (institutional) to micro (grassroots) efforts are necessary to foster the multitude of health related initiatives essential to create a robust, agile and effective community wellness program. In that context, we see the Bronson Health Foundation as a gatekeeper and linchpin in the process with connectivity and comprehensive service support at all points in the continuum."

Thank you to CSM Group your strong support of Bronson and the communities we serve!

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