Donor Story - Jean and Alfredo DiMarino
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Donor Story - Jean and Alfredo DiMarino

Jean and Alfredo DiMarino shared a lifelong interest in the arts as well as an interest in health and wellness. After Alfredo’s death in 2007, Jean chose to establish the DiMarino Healing through Culture Endowment to recognize his deep appreciation for the arts, particularly classical music. Proceeds from this endowment help promote the health environment at Bronson by expanding the presence of music and other art forms through the hospital.

“My motivation was my love for Alfredo and trying to keep alive his enthusiasm for the arts,” says Jean. “I want the art provided through the fund to help patients feel healthier or happier, just as Alfredo said the art at Bronson and his favorite music affected him.”

Click here to learn more about the DiMarino Healing through Culture Endowment.

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