Donor Story - John and Kay Polzin
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Donor Story - John and Kay Polzin

John and Kay Polzin's humble generosity and servant leadership were instrumental in improving healthcare in the greater Kalamazoo community. To honor the couple’s steadfast commitment, the Bronson Health Foundation’s Board of Directors, of which John was a member from 1987-2015, established an award in their honor.

The Polzins long championed children’s health. In 2013, they spearheaded the Bronson Children’s Hospital Restful Rooms community-wide campaign, donating and raising money for sleeper sofas in patient rooms, modern televisions and whimsical wall paintings to soothe children undergoing medical procedures. John, who passed way in May of 2017, shared that “we just felt like there was an opportunity to demonstrate our appreciation to Bronson for continuing to provide our community with such an important asset. And at the same time, we felt strongly about trying to provide some additional healing comforts for hospitalized children and their families while they’re away from home.”

In 2015, they purchased a set of MRI Goggles, so children who need to hold still during Magnetic Resonance Imaging could watch videos while undergoing tests instead of being sedated.

The John and Kay Polzin Ambassador for Healthcare Award recognizes those who work tirelessly to make our region a better place to live, and do so with no intent or expectation of recognition. The award will honor quiet heroes dedicated to strengthening the community, whose generosity cannot be measured.

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