Donor Story - Margaret Bath

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Donor Story - Margaret Bath

After a successful 17 years at the Kellogg Company, Margaret Bath decided to take on a new career challenge. Her staff, family and friends were eager to throw her a farewell party. Margaret agreed, but only on one condition. Guests weren’t allowed to bring Margaret gifts. Instead, she would give them one — the gift of giving.

“There is no greater gift you can give yourself than to give to others with an open heart,” says Margaret. She asked everyone that attended her party to make a donation in support of the Bronson Children’s Hospital Pediatric
Hematology and Oncology Clinic. “Our future lies in the hands of our children. We have a great responsibility to help them have the best path forward.” In fact, Margaret herself knows what obstacles a significant health challenge can create. She’s battled a brain tumor and gynecological cancer. “I not only received a second chance in life, but also a third, so I really want to give back.”

Partygoers gave generously. “It was an incredible event. We had close to 500 people there.” Altogether, they raised more than $100,000, enough to make significant improvements to the clinic, including murals, a mesmerizing bubble machine, an expanded Journey Beads program and updated medical equipment.

In honor of this remarkable event, a Bronson Health Foundation Donor Advised Fund (DAF) was established in Margaret’s name. The DAF provides her the opportunity to periodically review and select projects within the Bronson system that she feels passionate about. “The entire experience was extremely humbling, rewarding, and uplifting as well as a reinforcement that we are all in this together as a community,” explains Margaret. “Life is about bringing people together for a common cause, helping others and creating a better tomorrow.”

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