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Donor Story - Brianna Lee Foundation

The Brianna Lee Foundation provides hospitals with teddy bears for moms who experience a still birth, miscarriage or infant death shortly after delivery. The bear is provided to give the mom something to hug, hold and carry out of the hospital. Through the healing process the bear will continue to be there to love, hold and cry with.

Terry Morrow with the Bronson Health Foundation and Brenda Terburg-Fawley, Bronson Bereavement Coordinator recently accepted the bears and staff have already shared positive comments about the impact these bears have had on our patients:

"This is just what we have needed for our moms!"

"What a wonderful way to honor little Brianna Lee!"

"This will make a difference with our families."

"One was also given to a small toddler whose newborn brother is a preemie in the NICU and was crying and having such a hard time with understanding what was going on with his baby brother. The smile on his face was priceless!"

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