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Bronson Commons is designed to meet a growing need in our community for a place where patients of all ages, but especially the elderly, can continue care and recovery after leaving the hospital. While most patients have a goal to return home as soon as possible, many require short-term medical, therapeutic, and rehabilitative help with their recovery. For some, the need for care is ongoing and Bronson Commons becomes their home away from home.

Bronson Commons Campaign:
Bronson CommonsBronson Commons is designed to specialize in post-acute care and long-term nursing care to patients. This facility includes state-of- the-art rehabilitation facilities and an experienced, multidisciplinary team. With a workforce of 150, it will offer a wide range of services and programs tailored to meet individual needs. This includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, wound and ostomy care, chronic disease management, psychiatry, hearing, podiatry, dental and optical services. Catering to the needs of all age groups, there are many built-in conveniences. Each patient room will have a private bath, comfortable bed, recliner and 42” flat screen TV. There are multiple seating areas and places for family members to meet and visit including a vibrant cafe in the heart of the facility.  It will be complete with WiFi, the cafe and is open to the public seven days a week as is the library.

The Bronson Commons Campaign has exceeded its goal, raising $500,200 from 82 individual donors and organizations!
Bronson Commons
Each of the 100 patient rooms is available for 
sponsorship through a donation of $3,000, which can be pledged over a period of 3 years. If you are interested in sponsoring a room, or making a donation of any size to Bronson Commons, you may donate online or you can contact the Bronson Health Foundation at 269-341-8100 or

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The West Courtyard generously sponsored by:
Moore Electrical in memory of William BJ Decker

The North Courtyard generously sponsored by:
Irving S. Gilmore Foundation

The East Courtyard generously sponsored by:
MPI Research

The Library generously sponsored by:
Kalamazoo Anesthesiology, PC in memory of Michael G. Kaiser, MD

The Administrative Conference Rooms (4) and Board Room generously sponsored by:
B.L. Harroun

The Rehabilitation Room generously sponsored by:
Bronson Healthcare Group Board of Directors
Bronson Health Foundation Board of Directors
Bronson Executive Team

Bronson Commons Partners:

Bob and Melissa Brown, Access Medical
Bronson LakeView Grape Run Dorothy U. Dalton Foundation
John E. Fetzer Institute
Norman and Laura Hamann in memory of Henry Adam Matheson
Barbara and Jerry James in honor of Kimberly and Sarah James
Judy Jolliffe in honor of Frank Sardone
Lakeview Foundation
Ann V. and Donald R. Parfet
John and Kay Polzin
Frank Sardone and Susan Fall
Kenneth and Susan Taft
John Wattles in honor of Marian G. Klein Wattles

Patient Room Sponsors:

Mark and Marla Atkinson in memory of Joseph Lanzarotta
Sally Berglin in memory of Curtis Berglin
Bronson LakeView Hospital Auxiliary
Scott and Kristine Gibson
Grace and John T. Harrington Foundation
Irene Kobreek in honor of Kathy Kobreek
Scott and Barbara Larson in honor of Jeanne Smith Johnson
Edward and Yvonne Lean in memory of Hilda Raby Lean
Steven and Debra Lins in memory of Dr. and Mrs. L. Joseph Lins
Mall City Mechanical
Terry and Meri Morrow
Pathology Services of Kalamazoo
Sue, Olivia, and Brad Reinoehl in honor of Alex and Bea Birch
Kirk and Tamara Richardson
Bernard and Nydia Roehr
Sidney Sue Shank - James Shank
John and JeanAnne Tapper
James Whelan

Bronson Commons Friends:
Rick and Terri Chambers
Dennis and Mary DeHaan
East Van Buren Seniors
Randy and Diane Eberts
Chip and Diana Falahee
James and Carole Greene
Jim and Sally Gunderson
Katie and Bob Harrelson
John and Linda Hayden
Brenda Hunt
Thomas and Kelsey Ignaczak Anthony and Christina Jacobs
John Jones, Jr. and Karrie Kranz
Reid Jones
Mahesh and Roshan Karamchandani
Cheryl Knapp
Gary Kushner Allan and Rita LaReau
Aaron and Elizabeth Lane-Davies
Carol and David Long
Mr. & Mrs. David Marousek
Michele and Jim Marquardt
William Mayer and Anne Fainsinger
Mary and Randall Meitz
David Smullen and Merri Moore
Denise Neely and John Hackley
Neil and Rebecca Nyberg
Michael and Jennifer Odar
Ralph and Janet Parker
Anne and Barry Regling
William and Nancy Richardson
Marijo and Matthew Snyder
Geoffrey and Marjorie Wardwell
Susan and Jeff Watts
Mike and Kathy Way
Charles Zeller
Eileen Wilson-Oyelaran & Olasope Oyelaran 
            in memory of Welford R. & Juanita S. Wilson

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