2017 Good Neighbor Annual Campaign - Bronson Healthcare

2017 Good Neighbor Annual Campaign

Each year, the Bronson Health Foundation works to ensure your donations have a positive impact on Bronson patients and families. Thanks to your generosity, this year we distributed more than two million dollars within the Bronson Healthcare system to support programs, projects and services that are critical to delivering exceptional healthcare in our region.

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Together, we advance the health of our communities.

This is Bronson’s mission statement and our purpose. Because of your generosity, we are able to realize this mission in our care for people and families throughout southwest Michigan.

Together, we raised more than $175,000 from last year’s Good Neighbor Annual Appeal. We hope you will consider making a gift. Your support is vital to ensure families in our community have access to quality care from their locally owned healthcare system.

Whether you choose to give to our children’s hospital, cancer care center, or an unrestricted gift to Bronson’s greatest needs, please know that every gift matters. Together, we act as good neighbors by helping others when they need it most.

To donate, click on DONATE TODAY or send a check to the Bronson Health Foundation, 301 John Street, Kalamazoo MI 49007.

“In 2012 when our family relocated to Battle Creek, Bronson was one of the first organizations we chose to support in our new community.  We fully understand the importance of having access to a local quality health care system and how it is essential for a community to grow and thrive.  We appreciate that our giving through the Bronson Health Foundation positively impacts patients and families in Battle Creek and allows us to support others when they are facing challenging times.”

—Don Williamson & Jeff Minor, Battle Creek

Thank you to our generous 2017 donors:

Duretha Absher-Palone
Robert Adams
Barbara A. Alden
Merrill Aldrich
Pamela Alsbury
Panagiotis and Theoni Androutsopoulos
Dr. Beth Armstrong
Association of Behavior Analysis International
Dr. Mark and Marla Atkinson
B.L. Harroun & Son, Inc.
James and Jacqueline Barnum
John and Shayna Barry
Battle Creek Community Foundation
Carol Beaudin
Mr. and Mrs. Lanson Becker
Larry and Shannon Bell
Bob and Pam Bertelson
Sue Birch
Kevin and Brenda Bird
BlueGranite, Inc
Bonnie Bole
Gary and Jan Borden
Rodney Borton and Debra Ball
Sherwood and Sharon Boudeman
Lucinda Boven
Richard and Jan Bragagnini
Nancy Brookins
Drs. Janice Brown and Edward Birch
Donna J. Bruns
David and Gwen Buday
Richard and Donna Buehrle
James and Shirley Capes
Steven Cardella
Jacqueline Carlson
Dr. James and Carol Carter
Central Tile & Terrazzo Co.
Rick and Terri Chambers
Dr. Chihsing and Katherine Chen
Melissa Coates
Frank and Shirley Cody
Gloria Combs
Zachary Conroe
Cook/Jackson Company
Malcolm Cornell
Peg Crane
Ronald and Nancy Creech
Josh Crittenden
Crossroads Church & Ministries
Dr. David and Jackie Davenport
James and Rita Davis
Dennis and Mary DeHaan
Bernice DeHaan
Jerry DeNooyer
Jane Destefano
Angela DeYoung
Karol Dill
Jean DiMarino
Jon and Susan Dixon
Robert and Mary Doud
Dr. and Mrs. Glen H. Douglass
Dr. John and Linda Dunn
Dr. David and Deborah Dunstone
Steve East and Katie Johnson
Tara East
David Eldersveld
Geraldine L. Ellerthorpe
Janis Emery and Al Barney
Drs. Alain and Michele Fabi
Greta and Sheldon Faworski
Gary and Ann Fergemann
Fidelity Charitable
First National Bank of Michigan
Timothy and Amy Ford
Rick and Pamela Foster
Michael and Kim Foster
William Fox
Dr. Scott Free
Dan and Pam Fry
Drs. Kathleen and Robert Gadwood
Patrick and Debra Gallagher
Drs. Scott and Kris Gibson
Jon Gore
Dr. Geoffrey and Beverly Grambau
Bjorn and Lori Green
Dr. Donald and Katherine Greydanus
James and Linda Grubka
Gary and Ann Gunia
Wayne Halbleib
Dr. Shawn and Nicole Hall
Richard and Mary Halpert
Dr. Alfred and Pauline Hamady
Norman and Kathryn Hamann
Laura and Norman Hamann
Dr. Robert and Carol Hamet
Tobi Hanna-Davies
Bill and Kay Hanson
Norman and Johanna Haupt
Havirmill Foundation
John and Linda Hayden
Paul and Barbara Helm
Daniel and Marie Hemker
Dr. Kevin and Linda Herzog
James and Martha Hilboldt
Donald and Marion Hixson
Hospital Network Ventures
Dr. Alan and Kristin Hovestadt
Reid and Deborah Hudgins
Bruce and Christy Hughes
Brenda Hunt
Robert Hutchison
Improved Funding Techniques-Michigan
Ben and Robin Ipema
Dr. Robert and Sue Ellen Isacksen
Jason and Heather Jach
Dr. Christina and Tony Jacobs
Barbara and Jerry James
James Jilek
David and Mary Johnson
Dr. Robert and Barbara Jongeward
Margaret Karel
Thomas Kasdorf
Joseph Keithley
John Wattles and Marian Klein Wattles
Brandon Bouwman and Dieneke Kniffin
Gregg Kooistra
Sue Kovats-Bell
Norm and Bonnie Langeland
Stu Lapham
Todd and Nancy Lassen
Dr. J. Patrick and Barbara Lavery
Kurt and Jennifer Lentner
Meagan Longoria
Craig and Lois Lubben
Carol E. Ludwig-Hobbs
Yaroslav Lukomskiy
Dr. Chandramouli and Sumathi Madala
David Cook and Virginia Mahrle-Cook
Dr. Seth and Maria Malin
Mall City Mechanical, Inc.
Michele and James Marquardt
Pamela Marsh
Elizabeth Upjohn Mason
Yuko Masumoto
Lois McGlinsey
Betsy and Bob McGraw
Stan and Christine McGrew
Joyce McNally
Finley D. McRae III
Anita Mehta and Jim McNamara
Phillip and Marilyn Mershon
Charles and Karen Meshew
Miller Johnson Attorneys
Molitor Family Foundation
Moore Electrical Services, Inc.
Frances N. Morrow
John and Lillie Nelms
George Nielsen
Mike and Jennifer Odar
Ed and Marlene Oesterreich
Heather Oestrike Schripsema and Tom Schripsema
Erik and Elaine Oestrike
Dr. Joel and Florence Orosz
Mr. Roger J. Prior and Dr. Barbara A. Page
Ann and Don Parfet
Marilyn Parks
Floyd and Phyllis Parks
Ann Q. Paulson
Paul and Connie Peabody
Dr. Jeffrey and Emily Pearson
Bill and Gail Penty
Mary Lou Petrulio
Lindsay Pinchot
Theodore Polak
Brian Potter
Preston S. and Barbara J. Parish Foundation
James Radermacher
Christopher and Janelle Randall
Sally Reames
Margaret Reincke
Carrie Renfrow
Erik Roll
Joshua and Sarah Roll
Rotary Club of South Haven
Robert and Marilyn Sackrider
Nishani Samaraweera
Drs. Hugh and Pamela Sanchez
Santo, Maria, Frank and John Zanetti Foundation
Dr. Frederick and Katherine Sawchuk
Samantha Scafaria
Gary and Faye Schluckbier
Heather Oestrike Schripsema and Thomas Schripsema
Gary and Nancy Schripsema
Schupan & Sons, Inc.
Daniel and Shari Schut
Richard and Linda Scotese
Jeffrey Seibert
Linda Servis
Rodney and Penny Sexton
Dr. Stephen and Ruth Smiley
Betty Smith
Barbara Smith
Scott and Becky Speese
Stanton Interiors, Inc.
Bryan and Lauretta Stapert
Marian Starbuck
Vincent Staropoli
Dr. Robert and Gayle Strung
Julie Sullivan
Richard and Chris Thomas
Dianne Thomas
Dr. John and Linnaea Thomas
Jason and Dawn Thompson
John and Jane Todd
Terry Tooley
Natalie Tramel
Jonathan Trapane
Terry and Denise Travis
Rick and Linda Tsoumas
Tyler-Little Family Foundation
Donald and Susan Ulshafer
Kevin and Sherry VanDam
Richard and Betty VanderMolen
Kurtis and Wendy VanderMeer
Jon and Courtenay VanderMolen
Linda VanDyke
Kristen VanLue
Charles and Peggy Vliek
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Carl and Dorothy Walker
Dr. Geoffrey and Marjorie Wardwell
Von and Beth Washington
David and Barbara Wassink
Gary and Judy Webb
Josh and Pam Weiner
Carol Wigent
Leeta Williams
Dr. Charles and Nuala Wilmanski
Eileen B. and Olasope O. Oyelaran
William and Francie Winslow
David and Robin Winter
Stanley Wise
Rachel and Andrew Worgess
Carolyn Wyllie
Jared Zagelbaum
Dr. Sophie Zaplitny
Maria Zaplitny
Dr. Charles and Pamela Zeller

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