MRI Goggles
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MRI Goggles

CinemaVision MRI Goggles

These MRI Goggles, installed in June 2015 in the MRI suite in Kalamazoo, have been receiving rave reviews from patients, families and staff. Thank you to the Irving S. Gilmore Foundation and John & Kay Polzin for their generosity which allows us to provide a better MRI experience for our patients.

"A lot of kids need to be sedated before they have an MRI," says Cate Koopmans, one of Bronson's Child Life Specialists. "With the goggles, there is less need for sedation, because they are able to watch and listen to cartoons or DVDs to keep their brains busy and bodies still during the procedure."

Transforming the patient's MRI experience, CinemaVision MRI Goggles is a convenient, versatile and user-friendly 3D virtual reality system. It has proven to greatly reduce how often pediatric (and adult) patients are sedated in order to successfully complete MRI procedures. Any time a patient is sedated, there are potential risks associated with the procedure, as well as potentially unnecessary costs for both the patient and the organization.

The CinemaVision MRI goggles can be used to:

  • Watch DVD movies
  • Play music
  • Watch live TV
  • Utilize two-way communication with the technician

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