Relaxation Bubble Rover for Pediatric Patients in Southwest Michigan
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Relaxation Mirrored Bubble Tube Rover

The relaxation mirrored bubble tube rover provides multiple sensory options to help distract children by providing them with something calming and interesting to focus on. These options include a projector on top of the machine with hundreds of slide show images to choose from, soothing music, bubbles, and fiber optics. 
image of kristy and bubble rover.

The rover is a great asset for surgical pediatric patients to ease them from their anesthesia or sedation. It is also an asset for our pediatric special needs patients as well as for our pediatric patients in Outpatient Testing, Rehab and the Emergency Department. And with many thanks to the generosity of community donors, Carol Novak, Crayons 4 Kids, Jean DiMarino, and Miller Johnson Attorneys, we have been able to provide five rovers for Bronson Children's Hospital!


"My child gets overstimulated by things and people talking around them.  As soon as the Multi-Sensory Rover was turned on, my child was drawn to it.  The combination of the mirrors, bubble tube, music, fiber optics is what a child with sensory issues needs to cope, especially in a hospital setting."   

          -  Parent of surgical patient

"My child with special needs can get overwhelmed by a lot of people speaking around them.  She is always worried that people are talking about her.  In a hospital setting it's very difficult for my child with special needs to cope.  The Multi-Sensory station Rover helped my child to stay calm and focus on the music and bubbles.  I could tell that she was not worried about anything else around her.  She cooperated with staff very well." 
          - Anonymous parent

"We have a variety of children that come through the surgical department for different types of procedures.  Some of these children may have sensory issues and special needs.  Having items, such at the Multi-sensory station Rover, movies players, toys, etc help children cope with their Preoperative and Postoperative experience.  The Multi-sensory station Rover has helped children with special needs remain calm and cooperate appropriately with staff and their care." 
         – Kristy Woodwyk, Child Life Specialist, Surgery

"I feel that the Multi-sensory station Rover has helped many children and even adults in the recovery area post-surgical procedures.  Children who may have been agitated waking up from surgery are coping effectively with the calming of the bubble tube and soft music."   
          -  Anonymous staff member

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