Robert A. Fabi, MD Neurosciences Fund

The Robert A. Fabi, MD, Bronson Neurosciences Fund, a specific purpose fund at the Bronson Health Foundation, has been created through a gift from his son, Alain Fabi, MD in honor of his father’s significant contribution to the field of neurosurgery in our region and nationally.

The purpose of The Robert A. Fabi, MD, Bronson Neurosciences Fund (Fabi Bronson Neuro Fund) is to foster and support world class neurosciences development and innovation at Bronson for patients in the region. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Education for physicians, staff and community
  • New technologies
  • Neuroscience subspecialty development
  • Facilities development
  • New models of care delivery

About Bronson Neuroscience Center
Bronson is southwest Michigan's preferred hospital for head injury & stroke and for spine & back surgery. It's because our specialists take a new approach: family-focused care that incorporates the latest treatments and procedures.  

Bronson Neurosciences: Marta's Story
Kindergarten teacher, Marta Gagie, experienced a sudden and terrible headache that almost took her life. Discover how Bronson Neuroscience Center's team of experts quickly identified and treated her rare brain aneurysm, and watch Marta and her and her family tell her remarkable story of rescue and recovery. 

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