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Thank you for your interest in supporting Bronson Children's Hospital, which serves as the only children's hospital in southwest and south central Michigan. Through philanthropy and various fundraising initiatives, funds and other items generously given to Bronson Children’s Hospital transform children’s lives with personalized medical care. When you give to Bronson Children’s Hospital, participate in one of our events or host your own fundraising event, you’re preparing for the future health care needs of our children and community.

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Toy or Supply Donations

Thank you for your interest in supporting Bronson Children’s Hospital. The Child Life Team here at Bronson strives to normalize the environment for the patients, providing play or other activities during their stay. Community Donors are a vital part of Child Life programming.

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Schedule A Time To Deliver Your Donation

If you or your group would like to make a donation of items needed at Bronson Children’s Hospital, call Bronson Health Foundation at (269) 341-8100 or email to schedule your donation delivery or learn more. Drop-offs can only be made by appointment.

Gift Guidelines

While we greatly appreciate and enjoy our community visitors & donations, we must also consider the security, confidentiality & respect for our patients; therefore, we’ve developed the following guidelines for our visitors. We ask that you take a moment to look over this information, and share it with all members of your group, prior to your donation delivery.

Donation Drop-Off Guidelines

  • All donation deliveries must be scheduled by appointment and will be accepted at a public entrance. No members of the group will be able to come past the screening areas.
  • Donations must be delivered to Child Life or Foundation Staff. Visitors are not allowed to go around to meet the children.
  • Visitors may not provide/distribute any food, gum, candy or beverages to patients, as many have restricted diets.
  • Content of any activity, discussion or donation should remain religiously, culturally and politically neutral due to the diverse backgrounds of our patients.
  • Confidentiality of patients must be respected. What happens at the hospital must not be discussed outside the facility.
  • All members of your group should be infection free. Any person with current symptoms of/or recent exposure to COVID-19, flu, chicken pox, diarrhea, runny nose and cold, etc. may not come to drop off.

Guidelines for Donations

  • Toys must be new in original packaging, stuffed animals with tags attached.
  • Infant/toddler toys should have no small parts or loose pieces.
  • Toys should not have sharp or pointed edges.
  • No games, toys, or books with violent themes (such as video games or toy knives/guns).
  • No latex balloons.
  • Craft supplies must be non-toxic.
  • Due to infection control, only new stuffed animals may be accepted.
  • Toys stuffed with “pellet’ materials are not allowed, due to choking hazard.
  • Donations should be left unwrapped, (but wrapping paper donations are accepted).

Donations are shared throughout the Bronson Healthcare system that serve pediatric patients. All donations that are not able to be used by Bronson will be donated to other charitable organizations in Kalamazoo County.

Wish Lists

Ideas for Groups or Students

  • Put together individual craft kits or care packages. 
    • Suggestion: crafts centered on a holiday or a season of the year. 
    • Please no political or religious statements or quotes.
  • Make fleece tie blankets or pillow shams.
  • Make or purchase pillow cases. 
    • Use material in child friendly patterns and themes.  
    • After making, launder item in dye/fragrance free detergent and fabric softener. 
    • Please do not use dryer sheets.
    • The patient takes the item home when they are discharged.
  • Put together bead kits to be used for crafting (include beads, sting and clasps).
  • Make activity packets that include coloring and activity pages.
  • Make journals with fun covers (duct tape, etc.).
  • Make welcome sign/poster that could be put in a child’s room prior to admission. 
    • The sign makes room welcoming and child friendly. 
    • Signs requested for boy or girl and geared for baby, toddler, school age or teenager. 
    • Maximum size is legal-size poster board. 
  • Make Birthday kits including decorations, signs, party favor bags, etc.
    • Used if a patient celebrates their birthday in the hospital.  
    • Kits requested for different ages and genders. 
    • No latex balloons. 

General Wish List

  • DVDs: New Release movies or Classic Disney releases: Sonic, Adam’s Family, Scooby, Toy Story 4, Aladdin (new release), Trolls World Tour, Moana, Abominable, Angry Birds 2, Frozen II.
  • Infant Toys: Rattles, Teething Toys, Shakers, Music Boxes, Crib Mobiles without cloth parts
  • Toddler Toys: Musical Toddler Toys, Toy Phones, Shape Sorters, Little People Toys, See-n-Say, Pop up Toys.
  • School Age: Lego kits, Play-Doh sets, Matchbox cars, Action Figures, Board Games, Puzzles, Bead Kits, Ready to Go Craft Kits, Coloring Books, Videogames, new release movies.
  • Teens : Bath and shower kits, Gift Cards to Bath and Body Works, iTunes, Best Buy, Five Below, Target, new release movies, ear buds, Nail Polish Kits.
  • Arts and Crafts: Markers, Scissors, Glue, Ready to Go Craft Kits, Coloring Books, Activity Books, Play-Doh, Puzzles.
  • Art Therapy: Crayola model magic clay, “Melissa & Doug”/“Creativity for Kids” Craft Kits, Crayola Toddler art supplies, children’s science kits, slime making supplies, acrylic paint, colored pencils, watercolor paint, artist’s paintbrushes, oil pastels, and beads/jewelry making supplies.
  • Music Therapy: Little golden books, easy reader books, iTunes Gift Cards, harmonicas, recorders, musical shakers, jingle bells, ukuleles, kids musical toy sets, children’s books with song themes, blank CDs, CD cases, small CD binder cases, sheet protectors, new release CDs
  • Miscellaneous: Lego Kits, Prize Box Items, i-Tunes Gift Cards, Best Buy Gift Cards, Target Gift Cards, Walmart Gift Cards, Manicure Supplies, Small Travel Toiletries, Free and Clear Laundry Soap Pods, Children’s Latex Free Band-Aids, New Stuffed Animals
  • Big Ticket Items: Crib Music Boxes, portable DVD players, Xbox ONE Games (Rated E), PlayStation 4’s, PlayStation 4 Games (Rated E), mamaRoos and rockaRoos (

Holiday Wish List 2021: Holiday Toy Shop

Toys that are directly donated to Bronson are used in our annual Holiday Toy Shop.  During the week of December 20-24, all Pediatric, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit patients and families will receive gifts to meet the needs of their family (siblings included). Due to the timing, we ask that toys be donated to us NO LATER than Friday, December 17th.  Those wishing to donate to this program will need to set up a delivery day and time to drop the items off to a hospital staff member. 

Suggestions of Toys for Holiday Toy Workshop:

  • Infant/Toddler: rattles, musical toys, stacking rings, shape sorters, light up toys, socks, bibs, clothes, teething toys, bath books, music boxes and crib mobiles.
  • School Age: Lego and Duplo kits, Star Wars toys, Minecraft toys/games, new DVD releases, craft kits, video games, dolls, wooden puzzles, Barbie dolls, baby dolls, Play-Doh kits, puzzles, board and card games.
  • Teens: gift cards (such as Target, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, iTunes), make up kits, nail polish, spa kits, axe body supplies, manicure supplies, headphones , body wash and sprays, lotion, perfume, new video games and movies (DVD only).

Popular Characters/Movies: Raya and the Last Dragon, Cocomelon, Jurassic World, Avengers, Bluey, Frozen 1 &2, Ninjago, Black Widow, Luca, My Little Pony, Cruella, The Mandalorian, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Paw Patrol, Gabby’s Dollhouse

  • DVD  or BLU-RAY accepted

Holiday Wish List 2021: Department Specific Needs

These items will be used on a daily basis throughout the year with pediatric patients and their families: Please denote on your donation if it is for a specific department.

  • Art Therapy Department:  Crayola model magic clay, “Melissa & Doug” and “Creativity for Kids” Craft Kits, creative journals and sketchbooks, Crayola Toddler art supplies, Lego kits, children’s science kits (i.e. growing crystals/bouncy-ball making), Play-Doh kits, slime making supplies, acrylic paint, colored pencils, watercolor paint, artist’s paintbrushes, oil pastels, and beads/jewelry making supplies. Please contact Meg, Art Therapist, at (269) 341-6186 or email   for more information.
  • Emergency Department: Lights/Sounds toys, 5 packs of hot wheels, 4 packs of Play-Doh, stuffed animals, fidgets (pop-its, Monkey noodles, stress balls), Fubbles Bubbles, Light Spinners, iTunes Gift Cards, coloring/activity books, crayons, colored pencils, I Spy books, Find It tube, card games, Little People figures, bath books, rattles.
  • Music Therapy Department: iTunes Gift Cards, harmonicas, recorders, musical shakers, jingle bells, ukuleles, kids musical toy sets, children’s books with song themes, blank CDs, CD cases, small CD binder cases, sheet protectors
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: Little Golden books (or similar story books), board books, small mirror toys and rattles, Fisher Price animal party bouncer seat (this specific seat), mamaRoos, rockaRoos.
  • Pediatric/Pediatric Intensive Care Unit: Baby/Toddler Toys, Rattles/Teething Toys, Bath Tub Toys, Lego Kits, Gift Cards, Manicure Supplies, Nail Polish, Nail Polish Remover, Board Games, Uno,  DVD Players, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 games, products from
  • Pediatric Hematology/Oncology and Subspecialties: Craft kits, Lego kits, Play-Doh, Light Spinners, prize box toys (small/stocking stuffer items for all ages infant-teen), new release movies, small denomination gift cards (Meijer, Walmart, fast food, Star bucks, amazon, Target).
  • Radiology Department: New release DVDs, toys that have lights and sounds, small prizes for school aged children.
  • Surgical Department: Portable DVD players with long cords, new release DVDs (kid and teen), coloring books, bubbles, light spinners (mini), light up toddler toys, and prize box items.

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