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Bronson Battle Creek - Match Challenge Completed!

In just six weeks, our community came together, responded to the match and raised nearly $70,000 in support of our Rapid Response Fund to help provide technology, supplies and resources for healthcare workers as part of Bronson’s COVID-19 response.

Last month, Dr. Charles and Nuala Wilmanski originated a match gift. It grew to $30,000 when several healthcare colleagues and a community member offered to join their effort. The Wilmanskis have a longstanding presence and many relationships in Calhoun County. They know firsthand the helping nature of their community and were inspired to support their local healthcare system during the pandemic. A match gift means every new gift made to the Bronson Health Foundation Rapid Response Fund (designated to Bronson Battle Creek) will be doubled up to $30,000. The group says it wants to help ensure that Bronson Battle Creek has everything it needs to continue to respond to the pandemic while maintaining the high quality care the community relies on.

The Rapid Response fund has already supported many programs and services across the Bronson Healthcare System including new equipment and technology. Funds from the matching gift will go specifically to Bronson Battle Creek for ongoing needs such as PPE, testing, facility changes, and mental health support.

“Continuing in the tradition of Battle Creek and Calhoun County, let us help our hospital. We will do what we have always done, band together in a crisis without being asked and give generously. The spirit and compassion of our Battle Creek community are rare and beautiful characteristics.” - Dr. Charles and Nuala Wilmanski

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