Front-Line Respite Room Sponsorship

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Bronson Employee Respite Room Sponsorship

Help support the well-being of Bronson staff during this challenging time through a weekly Respite Room Sponsorship. Sponsors will be recognized in the room(s), in our e-newsletter and on Bronson Health Foundation social media.

Each room provides a restful break and includes:

  • Massage chairs and/or massage ball sets
  • Mini fridges (stocked with bottled water and soda) and coffee supplies
  • Sound machines with disposable headphones
  • Zen gardens
  • Fidget spinners, stress toys, and art supplies
  • Lotion (helps with dryness from good hand hygiene)
  • Lip balm (hydrates dry/irritate lips from prolonged mask wearing)
  • Crossword puzzles, word search books, and other mindfulness activities
  • Prayer cards
  • Affirmation and/or blessing cards
  • Gum, mints, and hard candy (masks can be drying)
  • Journals, guest books, post-its for staff to leave notes for each other
  • Educational handouts on trauma, stress management, coping strategies, and resilience

You can make a difference by making a gift below. For questions, contact the Bronson Health Foundation at

Sponsorship Options

Levels are determined by the size of the room and how many staff utilize the space.

  • All Bronson Hospitals: $3,500
  • Bronson Methodist Hospital: $1,500
  • Bronson Battle Creek: $1,000
  • Bronson Lakeview Hospital: $500
  • Bronson South Haven: $500

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