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Bronson Employee Respite Room Sponsorship

Help support the well-being of Bronson staff during this challenging time through a weekly Respite Room Sponsorship. Sponsors will be recognized in the room(s), in our e-newsletter and on Bronson Health Foundation social media.

Each room provides a restful break and includes:

  • Massage chairs and/or massage ball sets
  • Mini fridges (stocked with bottled water and soda) and coffee supplies
  • Sound machines with disposable headphones
  • Zen gardens
  • Fidget spinners, stress toys, and art supplies
  • Lotion (helps with dryness from good hand hygiene)
  • Lip balm (hydrates dry/irritate lips from prolonged mask wearing)
  • Crossword puzzles, word search books, and other mindfulness activities
  • Prayer cards
  • Affirmation and/or blessing cards
  • Gum, mints, and hard candy (masks can be drying)
  • Journals, guest books, post-its for staff to leave notes for each other
  • Educational handouts on trauma, stress management, coping strategies, and resilience

You can make a difference by making a gift below. For questions, contact the Bronson Health Foundation at

Thank you to this week's sponsor!


Sponsorship Options

Levels are determined by the size of the room and how many staff utilize the space.

  • All Bronson Hospitals: $3,500
  • Bronson Methodist Hospital: $1,500
  • Bronson Battle Creek: $1,000
  • Bronson Lakeview Hospital: $500
  • Bronson South Haven: $500

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