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Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery

Anterior hip replacement is one of the surgical methods that can be used to replace a worn or arthritic hip joint with an artificial implant. The goal of anterior hip replacement surgery is to restore mobility and relieve hip pain so you can return to an active and healthy lifestyle.

  • Get To Know David Christ, MD

    Dr. Christ is an orthopedic surgeon with Bronson Orthopedic & Joint Specialists located at 601 John St., Suite M-424, at Bronson Methodist Hospital in Kalamazoo.

  • What Is Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery?

    Listen to Dr. David Christ discuss the anterior approach to hip replacement surgery, how to prepare for surgery and what to expect.

  • Meet Our Orthopedic 
    Nurse Navigator

    Find out how our orthopedic nurse navigator helps guide you and your family through your joint replacement surgery at Bronson Methodist Hospital.

  • Learn About Our Joint Replacement Class

    Find out how our education class can help you when having hip or knee joint replacement surgery at Bronson Methodist Hospital.

  • Meet An Inpatient
    Physical Therapist

    Learn about the rehab care patients receive after joint replacement surgery at Bronson Methodist Hospital. 

  • Learn About Home Care

    A Bronson at Home physical therapist explains the in-home care you will receive after joint replacement surgery.

  • Learn About the Anterior Approach to Hip Replacement

    Dr. David Christ describes the anterior approach for total hip replacement, an alternative to traditional hip replacement surgery.

  • Do You Have Joint Pain?

    Listen to Dr. David Christ talk about joint pain and the different options to relieve pain.

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"I wasn't even conscious of all the things I had given up until after my surgery."

- Don

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