Every Child Deserves Positivity

Every Child Deserves Positivity.

Photo of children jumping rope.

Helping children thrive.

All children benefit from Positivity. That’s why Bronson reaches out to families throughout southwest Michigan.

We’re involved in the community and in schools helping kids prevent injuries and learn healthier habits. We help them make smarter food choices. And we teach them why it’s important to stay active.

Of course, some children need more than that. Not all are born healthy. And not all healthy children stay that way. As the area’s only children’s hospital, we’re here for them. We not only provide essential medical care, we partner with families and community agencies to build a culture of caring around each child.

With our support, more children can grow up healthy and resilient.

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Nothing Nourishes Like Positivity. We Live Positivity and We Teach It. We’re All Connected by Positivity.