LEAF: Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, Food

The interactive group sessions are each one-hour long and meet each week for eight weeks. You will schedule four individual one-hour sessions with the exercise physiologist over the eight week program. You will also receive ten unsupervised workouts at the Bronson Athletic Club.

Materials and supplies are included in the program fee. This includes reference book, handouts and participant's notebook.

You must complete your individual pre-assessment appointment with the dietitian before the first interactive group session.

Class Schedule:

Session 1: January 14th-Rules of normal eating (Psychologist)

Session 2: January 21st-Portions (Registered Dietitian)

Session 3: January 28th-Confronting and Taming the Craving (Psychologist)

Session 4: February 4th-Fats, Fiber and Label Reading (Registered Dietitain)

Session 5: February 11th-Thinking it Through (Psychologist)

Session 6: February 18th-Non-dieting mentality (Registered Dietitian)

Session 7: Febuary 25th-Meeting your little kid and getting him/her on board (Psychologist)

Session 8: March 4th-Lifelong goals for weight management. This class will be 11/2 hours in length (Registered Dietitian and Psychologist)

Upon completion of the program, you may attend any future group session free of charge for a year. This is to help you further establish the lifestyle changes you have learned.

Registration for this class is currently CLOSED.

Date & Time:

Tuesday, January 14, 2014
6:00 PM-7:00 PM

Registration Deadline:

Friday, January 10, 2014




Darci Schimp, RD and Pat Murray, Ed.D., L.P


Bronson Center for Women, Suite M-515

Contact Information:

Liz Berkey, MS,RD,CDE, Bariatric Coordinator 269-341-8900

Registration Information:

Register online with a credit card payment or call 269-341-8900.