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Events for October 4, 2018

12:00 PM
Hip and Knee Pain Solutions

Registration is closed.

Bronson Wellness Center

Join us for a free program on the causes of hip and knee pain and options to relieve the pain.

1:00 PM
Medications That Can Interact With Heart Failure and Safer Alternatives

Registration is closed.

Bronson Advanced Cardiac Healthcare - Kalamazoo

Some medicines can have a negative impact if you have heart failure. Learn more about these medicines and recommended alternatives.

1:00 PM
Diabetes Education 3 Part Series

Registration is closed.

Bronson Diabetes and Endocrinology Center

Bronson’s Educators, with expertise in diabetes care, provide in-depth information and discussions on how to have successfully self-managed diabetes.

5:00 PM
Bronson Women's Service 25th Anniversary Celebration

Registration is closed.

Bronson Gilmore Center for Health Education

Bronson Women's Service cordially invites you to celebrate 25 years of women's wellness!

6:00 PM
Birthplace Tour and Childbirth Overview - Battle Creek

Registration is closed.

Bronson BirthPlace - Battle Creek

Attend a personally guided tour of Bronson BirthPlace – Battle Creek at 300 North Ave. in Battle Creek.

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