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Dr. Nilay Gandhi has always been amazed at how having a family doctor can positively impact a patient’s health and lifestyle. He loves educating patients and including them in their medical care. To him, the relationship is what makes everything worthwhile.

Dr. Gandhi’s father has been a strong influence in his life. His father would always take time to help those around him without asking for anything in return. Now as an adult, Dr. Gandhi aspires to help people the same way and make a difference when others are in need. He chose family medicine because of the strong relationships primary care providers have with their patients.

While completing his residency, Dr. Gandhi volunteered in free clinics that saw patients who didn’t have primary care providers. “It is amazing how frequently people have simple problems that get prolonged because they aren't able to see a doctor or don't realize a doctor could help. I am always excited when I can let someone know that I can help fix their problem,” says Dr. Gandhi.




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St. Vincent Family Medicine Residency Program, Indianapolis, Ind., Family Medicine Residency

Medical School(s)

Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine, Rochester, Mich., Doctor of Medicine


University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa., Bachelor of Arts in Biological Basis of Behavior

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