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Zane Stampfly’s experience as an ENT and paramedic in his early twenties exposed him to the wide array of medical and social conditions that impact health and well-being. Unlike most aspects of health care where the patient comes to you, when you work in emergency medical services (EMS), you enter the patient’s world. You enter their world, experiencing their life on their terms. Zane noted how it fundamentally changed the way he viewed poverty and the health disparities in his community.

It wasn’t long before Zane realized how much he enjoyed interacting with his patients and decided to pursue a career as a physician’s assistant. With a master’s degree in medicine and a special interest in urologic cancers and men’s health, he is now providing urology care at Bronson.

In his free time, Stampfly enjoys reading, music, running, hiking, spending time with his family… and more reading.




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Western Michigan University, Master of Science in Medicine

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