About HelpNet

About HelpNet

Since 1989, hundreds of businesses across the United States have benefited from HelpNet's EAP and Work Life services. Job, careers, and lives have been saved as a result of HelpNet's expertise and compassion in providing short-term counseling and crisis response.

HelpNet is headquartered in Battle Creek, Michigan. It is part of the nationally recognized Bronson Healthcare Group. Contact us anytime.

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HelpNet Overview

HelpNet provides a fully integrated continuum of behavioral health services that includes traditional Employee Assistance with a wealth of Work-Life programs. While other EAPs offer the standard "cookie cutter" products, HelpNet provides each corporate client with a completely customizable solution, all with the goal of enhancing employee performance and productivity.

What is HelpNet?

  • an employee resource to quickly access consistent, quality counseling or referral services for any type of problem at work or home.
  • a supervisory resource that places a wealth of services at each manager's fingertips with the goal of reducing the burden of handling employee's personal problems alone.
  • a management resource that partners with companies to effectively reduce sick leave, tardiness, leave of absences, benefit costs, while improving worker productivity.

HelpNet Philosophy

HelpNet's staff conduct themselves in a manner consistent with its Plan For Excellence:


To be a national leader in Employee Assistance Program quality

Clinical Distinction

Optimize care for every client every time across the continuum of care

Community Health Catalyst

Serve as a catalyst to improve the health of employees

Corporate Vitality

Ensure value through system efficiency, growth and financial strength

Exceptional Customer Experiences

Create compassionate experiences that exceed client and family expectations


Together, we provide excellent healthcare

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