HelpNet EAP Benefits

EAP Benefits

The cost to organizations in terms of lost productivity, theft, medical expenses, and human suffering is staggering. They require that organizations utilize every strategy within their power to combat the problem. HelpNet offers employers a proven, cost-effective strategy for reducing both the cost and human suffering.

Let's look at some of the advantages that HelpNet and its world-class EAP offers:

Benefits to Management

  • HelpNet saves time. Managers and supervisors spend a lot of time in personal improvement plans and progressive disciplinary systems, trying to figure out what to do about employees with work performance issues. HelpNet provides a simple, yet structured, strategy to give employees an opportunity to address their work performance issues and to get back on track.
  • Every organization experiences change. Having an EAP improves change management resilience.
  • Having an employee assistance program supports the idea that mental health is fundamental to health of your organization.
  • Reduces health claims costs.
  • Supports leadership development.

Benefits to Employees

  • They are given a chance to rebuild their lives 
  • They have an option other than continuing the problem. 
  • They have a chance to save their life or the life of a dependent.

​In the final analysis, employees secure meaningful help for a problem that maybe endangering not only their ability to earn a living, but also the very lives of their dependents. 

Benefits to Supervisors

​The typical supervisor does not want to become involved with his or her employees’ personal problems, and in fact, the vast majority of supervisors are not qualified to intervene and can turn a serious problem into a disaster.

An EAP relieves supervisors from the need to pry into the personal lives of their employees and gives them an alternative to the traditional “shape up or ship out.” In addition, 60% to 80% of their troubled employees can be returned to full productivity.

Recent studies have shown a trend that employees who have been assisted by the EAP tend to remain with the company longer and perform at higher levels.

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